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ANA National Money Show, March 5-7, 2015, Portland, Oregon

Remaining copper medals are now for sale again. Silver medals and sets are SOLD OUT.

2015 ANA National Money Show medals: silver (left), copper (right), two-medal set in plush case (far right). 39 mm.
Official convention medal. The medal commemorates the ANA Portland National Money Show and features an image of Portlandia, a famous sculpture in downtown Portland. The reverse features a flying eagle and honors the "Spirit of Northwest Numismatics." See the 2nd Q 2014 edition of The Nor'wester (pp. 8-9) for more information about this medal. Mintages: 180 silver, 500 copper. Made by Northwest Territorial Mint. Medals are one Troy ounce.
See the PNNA memorabilia catalog page for these medals.

If not using PayPal, please prepare a check or money order payable to the PNNA, and mail to Ed Fischer at the address listed below.
Medal sales chairman: { Contact Ed directly if not ordering via PayPal. }
Ed Fischer, PO BOX 2034, Salem, OR 97308; phone 503-507-6721, email
If using PayPal, click the appropriate button to initiate an online medals order.
  • All purchases are subject to review and approval by the PNNA, and quantities may be limited.

  • The PNNA may cancel any order and refund payment in the event of listing errors, sell-out, excessive orders from any one person, family or business, or other circumstances determined by the PNNA.

  • Please be sure your current and complete shipping address is included with your order.

  • Shipping rates of $6.00 per set or $3.00 per individual medal are for U.S. addresses only. Please inquire for international rates.

  • Shipping discounts may be available for larger orders. Please inquire with the medal sales chairman (see above), and request a separate PayPal invoice if you qualify for a discount.

  • Sorry, free pickups are not available unless specifically approved by the medal sales chairman for local buyers in the Portland-Salem area. Typically this would need to be at a coin club meeting.

  • Please allow three business days for order processing and shipping. Your order will be marked as shipped, however tracking numbers may not be available online for all orders.

  • If you receive a "sold out" message or any other error message, please contact for assistance. "Sold out" means that the quantity of medals (or sets) currently allocated for PayPal have been sold. The mintage figures listed above are now final; no more of these medals will be struck.

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