PNNA 1st Q Nor’wester

The 1st Quarter 2014 edition of the PNNA’s publication, The Nor’wester, is now available online at Back issues are also available at If you subscribe to The Nor’wester in paper form, you should receive your copy by the end of the year.

This is an expanded edition of The Nor’wester including important information about the upcoming PNNA elections and PNNA awards, including the annual scholarship awards to attend the ANA Summer Seminar.

PNNA Members: If your PNNA membership has already expired or expires this year, please see for renewal information, or wait until I send a separate notice about membership renewal by about March of 2014.

Once again, thanks for your interest in the PNNA, and Happy Holidays!

Eric Holcomb
PNNA Editor/Webmaster

PNNA Convention report and photos

Thanks to everyone who helped make this year’s PNNA Convention in Tukwila a big success, with attendance once again over 1,000 and strong activity despite an unexpected drop in bullion prices on the opening day of the show.

Reports and photos have been added to the PNNA website in the following locations:

2013 convention report:

2013 convention exhibit report:

2013 awards:
(Then click on each award to see the history of that award and who’s won the award over the years.)

The PNNA Memorabilia Catalog ( will also be updated with the new elongated souvenir!

– Eric Holcomb
PNNA Editor/Webmaster