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Exhibit Results at the 2016 PNNA/Willamette Fall Convention

(All exhibits at the fall convention are entered in a single class.)
See the 2016 fall convention report.

1st Place and People's Choice James Reinders Numismatic Clock: Suitable for hanging on a wall.

2nd Place Gerald Williams Coins of the Artists that made the American Century.

3rd Place and Best New Exhibitor Jason Breedlove Presidential Campaign Medals.

Other Competitive Exhibits
Tim Bishopric (left) Souvenirs of the 1905 Lewis & Clark Expo, Portland.
Francisco Lazzara (center) History of the Trade Dollar.
James Reinders (right) Murder or War? 1915 Lusitania Medal.

Judges: Eric Holcomb, Danny Bisgaard, John Brown.