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Annual upcoming shows/conventions with collector exhibits include:

Show / Convention Dates Location
Florida United Numismatists (FUN) Jan 9-12, 2020 Orlando, FL
Boeing Employees Coin Club
BECC Exhibit Application
Jan 18-19, 2020 Kent Commons, Kent, WA
ANA National Money Show Feb 27-29, 2020 Atlanta, GA
Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association
PNNA Tukwila exhibit application
New Dates!
Apr 17-19, 2020
Tukwila Community Center,
Tukwila, WA
Central States Numismatic Society Apr 22-25, 2020 Schaumburg, IL
ANA World’s Fair of Money® Aug 4-8, 2020 Pittsburgh, PA
PNNA Fall Convention
(information to be added)
Sep 25-27, 2020 Tukwila Community Center,
Tukwila, WA
Willamette Coin Club Fall Show
(information to be added)
Oct 31-Nov 1, 2020 DoubleTree Lloyd Center,
Portland, OR
Everett Coin Club Nov 16, 2019 Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church,
Everett, WA
Salem Coin, Stamp and Postcard Show Dec 7-8, 2019 Oregon State Fairgrounds,
Salem, OR
PNNA Collector Exhibit Rules and Application Forms:
  • For the Tukwila spring show, see the PNNA detailed exhibit rules and get the exhibit application (PDF file - fill and save form).

  • For the Portland fall show, get the exhibit application (PDF file - fill and save form). This is a new form for 2019, with new exhibit classes, same as at the spring show. Beginning in 2020, there will be separate PNNA and WCC fall shows.

  • At the Tukwila convention, there should normally be space available for those PNNA members who wish to exhibit. Advance registration is requested for planning purposes and to ensure availability of cases, especially for large exhibits. Then bring your display to the convention and report to the Exhibit Chairman. You will be checked in and assigned display cases (or table space if bringing your own cases). If you wish to exhibit competitively, you must have your exhibit in place on time (by noon Saturday). Join the fun, exhibit!

  • See the exhibit rating sheet (how your exhibit will be judged).

  • Additional information or forms may be needed if you intend to have someone else place or remove your exhibit, or if you are a multiple winner of first place awards at previous PNNA conventions. Contact the exhibit chairman or chief judge, or email

  • Not a PNNA member? Please join PNNA now to be eligible to exhibit and win awards at the next PNNA Convention! (For the fall convention in Portland, Willamette Coin Club members are also eligible to exhibit.) Have a great experience exhibiting at PNNA!

PNNA exhibit classes/awards:

Competitive exhibits (spring show)

Best-of-Show – Byron F. Johnson, Jr. Memorial Award.
Best exhibit of tokens or medals – C. E. “Hepp” Heppner Memorial Award.
People's Choice – Del Cushing Memorial Award (beginning 2019).

Classified exhibit awards: (new for 2019 for both the annual spring and fall conventions)

  • Class 1 – Coins.

  • Class 2 – Paper money.

  • Class 3 – Tokens, medals, decorations and exonumia.

  • Class 4 – Common element.

  • Class 5 – Topical.

  • Class 6 – Pacific Northwest numismatic material.

Non-competitive exhibits - No specific awards.

Any club that wants a program on exhibit-building should contact the PNNA secretary at the address/phone on the PNNA officers page.

PNNA Exhibit News

Collector exhibits are encouraged at the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association annual convention and coin show in Tukwila. Exhibits will be displayed in a separate room across from the bourse area. This room will only be for exhibits, and sometimes for club tables for clubs that would like to participate. This arrangement allows more space for exhibits and makes it easier for the public to view your display. There is enough room for about 36 cases.

Exhibiting is not complicated. Please register in advance (no later than the weekend before the show), bring you display, check in with the Exhibit Chairman or assistant, then place your exhibit in the assigned cases or on the assigned table space if using your own cases. With PNNA exhibit cases, you may keep the key(s) until you remove your exhibit. (A limited number of standard Allstate cases will be available.) Exhibits need to be in place by noon on Saturday to be eligible for exhibit awards. Exhibits can be competitive or non-competitive, with competitive having priority on available cases/table space. Remember that the PNNA best of show winner receives $200 in assistance to take the winning exhibit to the ANA anniversary convention in the same year. We hope to see your exhibit at the convention!

Exhibitors are requested to complete the simplified one-page exhibit application (PDF file - fill and save form) in advance. If you intend to have someone else place or remove your exhibit or if you are a multiple winner of first place exhibit awards at previous PNNA conventions, please contact chief judge Eric Holcomb for the necessary information and forms.

For more information, check out other pages in this section: completed events, past PNNA best-of-show exhibit award winners, a Numismatic Exhibiting Guide (“How to Exhibit”) by ANA Chief Judge Joseph E. Boling, the official PNNA rules for exhibiting and judging, the PNNA exhibit application (Tukwila) and the sample exhibit rating sheet.

PNNA / Willamette Coin Club Show Exhibits

The PNNA-Willamette Coin Club Annual Fall Convention & Coin Show was held each fall in Portland. (Beginning in 2020 there will be two separate fall shows.) Collector exhibits at this show are encouraged, and have good public visibility on tables at the center of the main aisle. There were not any competitive exhibit awards at the fall show in 2009. We're pleased to report that competitive exhibit awards were reinstated for the 2010 show (with very short advance notice) and have been continued in each subsequent year. See the completed events page for results. Fall exhibit application (PDF file). Note that different application forms may be required in 2020. Information will be posted when available.

Exhibits at the ANA Spring Convention and Anniversary Convention
  • Spring convention – If you are interested in exhibiting at future spring conventions (National Money Show), write to ANA headquarters and request the exhibit rules and application, or find them on the ANA web site at The case limit for spring shows is completely different from summer shows (up to fifteen cases if you show only one exhibit), which provides an opportunity to show the large exhibit you have always had in the back of your mind. The 2020 spring convention is in Atlanta, Ga.

  • Summer (anniversary) convention – If you want to exhibit at the ANA anniversary convention (World’s Fair of Money) in Pittsburgh (2020), ask ANA for an exhibit application, or see the ANA website at