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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
19 January 2002, Kent, Washington

The meeting was called to order by President Scott Loos at 5:18 PM. Present were vice president Larry Gaye, secretary/treasurer Joseph Boling, directors Richard Billings, Del Cushing, Eric Holcomb, Bill McKivor, Larry Rowe, and Bruce Wonder, and members Mary Cushing, Mark Emtman, and Lisa Loos.

Moved and seconded (Rowe/McKivor) to approve the minutes of the meeting of 21 September as published. Passed.

Secretary/treasurer’s report: treasurer Boling distributed the December financial report. The annual report has not been prepared yet.

Website report (webmaster Eric Holcomb): We are paid through April for our web hosting, but we can now go back to the ANA if we want to (they can now provide much improved capability and flexibility). Eric will check on the portability of the PNNA’s domain name and other potential issues in such a move. Moved and seconded (Gaye/McKivor) to move back to ANA’s host if Eric Holcomb finds the conditions to be suitable. Passed. New web superdomains are now available (i.e., .biz and .info). Eric has reserved and the forwarding capability to make it point to Moved/seconded (Billings/Boling) to acquire and the link to for two years. Passed. A discussion followed of several kinds of information that members want to place on the web site.

Nomination/election committee report (Larry Rowe) — searching for candidates.

Show report (general chairman Dick Billings): Six tables remain available. Bids are coming in on decoration and electrical work. Cliff Mishler has written that he will come to our convention, with Chet if Chet’s calendar can be cleared. Bill McKivor will schedule the presentation that he (they) will give. We are also working to convince ANA President John Wilson to attend, especially now that the Phoenix show has moved off of our weekend. We need to start promoting the show and specifically the talk by Cliff and Chet. Some have suggested that we have an auction at our shows. We will query the dealers to see if they want to support it, then look for an auctioneer willing to come. McKivor – any club that wants to meet as part of the educational program should contact him to get scheduled. Rowe suggested that even though the Willamette Coin Club is sponsoring the ANA in Portland in 2004, the PNNA should have some presence there. Think about what that should be by next board meeting. Larry Gaye also asked that members be ready to answer calls for service on the convention committees. Eric Holcomb inquired about having some of the PNNA exhibit cases drilled for sealing as the ANA does (to be done on exhibitor request, not as a requirement). Moved and seconded (Holcomb/Gaye) to give the exhibit chair authority to seal cases on request. Passed.

Larry Gaye announced Willamette Coin Club’s donation of $500 to the New York firefighters’ widows and orphans fund and $500 to the NW Medical Teams organization that assisted in responding to the NYC disaster.

Joseph Boling called the board’s attention to the new ANA policies on the numismatic diplomate program (whereby members of ANA clubs can participate at reduced rates). He also mentioned that there had been a Coin World article on our YN program.

One PNNA member wants to know whether he should renew his membership in the PNNA, in light of the shoplifting problem that he had at a recent show. After discussion, a proposal was adopted to allow him to pay dues, but ask that he stay away from shows until he can show progress in treatment. President Loos will make a reply along that line.

Bruce Wonder asked if there is a way to coordinate regional show dates; Del Cushing said all the show people know that he runs the show calendar, and if there are conflicts it’s because they did not do their homework.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:28 PM. Minutes prepared by secretary Joseph E. Boling.