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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
4 May 2002, Tukwila, Washington

The meeting was called to order by President Scott Loos at 8:13 AM. Present were vice president Larry Gaye, secretary/treasurer Joseph Boling, directors Richard Billings, Del Cushing, Eric Holcomb, Bill McKivor, Larry Rowe, and Bruce Wonder, past president Tom Sheehan, and members John and Nancy Wilson, Kathy Rowe, Lisa Loos, Al Schy, Mark Gruner, Ian Gruner, Bert Simmons, and Walt Ostromecki.

Moved and seconded (Rowe/Billings) to approve the minutes of the meeting of 19 January as published. Passed.

Boling presented the April 2002 and annual 2001 treasurerís reports. Moved/seconded (Billings/Sheehan) to accept the treasurerís reports subject to audit. Passed.

Boling reported that the YN program appropriation has $331 remaining (of $1000 from the September 2001 board meeting).

Show report - this year we increased early bird fees 65%. We rented 92 of 90 available tables (yes, you read that right) (compared to 72 tables last year). The break table at the overhead door is not being used; it will be replaced by the UCC exhibit [which did not happen, as the table started being used on Saturday]. A couple of dealers have complained about the lack of free lunches. The mobile lunch truck has been well received, though prices seem to be variable.

Larry Rowe presented the election report. The slate was elected; nobody got 100% of the vote. The top vote-getter was Scott Loos as president. Top vote recipients for director were Larry Rowe and Del Cushing. We now have Kathy Rowe, Lisa Loos, Bill Roark, and Bill Henderson as new board members. Scott Loos reported that he will appoint Dale Reubish as dealer-director for the 2002-2004 term.

2003 convention site/dates. Central States has moved to the first weekend of May; our logical choice for 2003 is 25-27 April. The Tukwila convention center wants 2004 dates to be selected at this time also. Tom Sheehan suggested that we need to get clubs invited to sponsor the show in future years. Scott Loos observed that getting a stable location/date is desirable. Sheehan suggested that if we are going to depart from the traditional objective of moving the show around the region, that we should address it as a formal change of the PNNAís policy. Dick Billings proposed a motion to modify the policy. It died for lack of a second. Moved and seconded (Wonder/Cushing) to hold the 2003 convention in Tukwila 25-27 April. Passed. Moved and seconded (Cushing/McKivor) to place the 2004 convention in Tukwila also, in the last weekend of April. Passed.

Kathy Rowe thanked Nancy Wilson for providing cookies for the meeting.

Eric Holcomb gave a webmasterís report: we appreciate the ANA providing web space for member clubs. We still have to renew our domain name registration periodically, but no longer have to pay hosting fees. He would like to print PNNA cards showing the web site URL. Moved and seconded (Holcomb/Rowe) to acquire business cards showing our web site address and future show dates. Passed. Moved/seconded (Billings/Holcomb) to renew the domain registration for three years. Passed. Boling observed that this issue should become a matter of routine expense no longer needing board attention. President Loos agreed.

John Wilson asked for a moment to present an ANA Presidentís Award, which went to Scott and Lisa Loos.

President Loos reminded all that the general membership meeting will be this evening after the bourse closes.

The meeting adjourned at 8:51 AM. Minutes recorded by secretary/treasurer Joseph E. Boling.

Minutes of PNNA general membership meeting
4 May 2002, Tukwila, Washington

The meeting was called to order at 6:24 PM with sixteen members in attendance.

The result of the election was announced; the officers for the 2002-2004 term are: president, Scott Loos; vice president, Larry Gaye; secretary/treasurer, Joseph Boling; directors, Richard Billings, Del Cushing, William Henderson, Eric Holcomb, Lisa Loos, William McKivor, William Roark, Kathy Rowe, Lawrence Rowe, and Bruce Wonder. The dealer-director (appointed) is Dale Reubish.

President Loos congratulated the show committee for their work at this yearís convention. The attendance for the first two days was about 750. He welcomed out-of-town members Dr. Walt Ostromecki and John Wilson.

An appreciation plaque was presented to Dick Billings for his work over the past two years as show chairman.

The Nina Nystrom Memorial Goodwill Ambassador Award for 2002 was presented to Richard Billings.

The exhibit awards were announced. J Eric Holcomb won the tokens and medals class and the Clarence "Hepp" Heppner award. Ken Hill won the US/Canadian coins class and the Byron Johnson best of show award.

John Wilson said a few words of thanks for being invited to the show and said that he is looking forward to the ANA spring convention in 2004 in Portland. He recognized the many ANA national volunteers who were in the room (regional reps, national coordinators, chief judge, convention volunteers). He reported that the ANA is doing OK; the building renovation fund is slowly accreting and membership is growing slowly; he invited any ANA member with an issue involving the ANA to contact him for assistance. Dick Billings pointed out that more people had joined the ANA at this convention than at either the Central States or the Georgia Numismatic Society conventions this year. Dr. Walt Ostromecki was recognized for his work with YNs at this convention and at Long Beach.

Larry Rowe announced that, subject to the ANA board's approval, the 2004 Portland ANA convention chair will be Larry Gaye, with himself as assistant.

Larry Rowe requested that the major exhibit awards for PNNA be changed. The large perpetual trophies will be retired; the annual plates on them will be mounted on permanent plaques, which will be expanded year by year, and the plaques will be in the custody of the historian (similar to the Everett award plaque). They will be shown at the annual conventions. Moved/seconded (Rowe/Boling) to adopt this scheme. Passed.

The Bob Everett memorial award for 2002 was presented to Del Cushing (certificate and $250 check).

The meeting adjourned at 6:42 PM. Minutes recorded by secretary/treasurer Joseph E. Boling.