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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
7 September 2002, Portland, Oregon

The meeting was called to order by President Scott Loos at 5:10 PM. Present were vice president Larry Gaye, secretary/treasurer Joseph Boling, directors Richard Billings, William Henderson, Eric Holcomb, Lisa Loos, William Roark, Kathy Rowe, and Larry Rowe, and member Bert Simmons.

Moved and seconded (L Rowe/Billings) to approve the minutes of the board meeting of 4 May as published. Passed. Moved and seconded (L Rowe/Billings) to approve the minutes of the general membership meeting of 4 May as published. Passed. Treasurer Boling presented the monthly financial reports for August 2002. Moved/seconded (Billings/L Rowe) to accept the treasurerís report subject to audit. Passed.

YN committee report. Fifty YNís participated in various YN activities at the PNNA convention in Tukwila. Twenty-one classrooms participated in the quarter design contest. We are now set up at Puyallup with several kinds of handouts for YNís who visit there. Scott Loos requested that the YN promotion fund be replenished for the new school year. A discussion of the appropriate amount hinged on the fact that only $700 was spent in the first year (of $1000 appropriated). Since we started the program late in the 2001/2 school year, we might want to appropriate the same amount as last year to add to the residue of $300 from last year. Moved/seconded (L Loos/Roark) to appropriate another $1000. Passed.

Show committee reports. We made $6,936.60 on the 2002 convention. So far this year we have sold 87 tables (of 99 available) for 2003. Billings reports that Tukwila is anxious for us to return for future conventions. S Loos reports that a few hundred dollars will be needed for lamps for the 2003 convention (and that some were not returned intact after the 2002 convention). Moved/seconded (Billings/Gaye) to appropriate $750 for new lamps, lamp stands, and additional table covers. Gaye suggested using plastic sheeting, which is recyclable for future conventions, rather than fabric for table covers. Gaye also suggests that C-clamps can work as well for light stands, for a lot less money. Passed.

Kathy Rowe suggested that the security officers at the convention should not be out in the hallway conversing, but on the floor with their eyes open. Also, two or three board members do a lot of the work (especially at set-up and tear-down time); more board members should be involved in helping at these phases of the convention. A certain dealer complained that he was being stolen from, but he tends to not watch his table, preferring to be out cruising the floor. Billings said that nobody had asked to be compensated for losses. S Loos and others observed that the bourse application has verbiage absolving the PNNA of responsibility for watching or securing merchandise. L Rowe said that if there are larcenous people on the floor, unwatched tables are a golden opportunity. Billings said that if a security guard is observed shirking, tell him and he will speak to the officers. Roark mentioned that board members could be used to babysit tables for a few minutes. Simmons said that there was a problem in Spokane with guards shopping; the show staff read them the riot act and straightened that out.

S Loos observed that the current policy of calling for a local club to host the convention is not working; clubs have conflicts of interest with their own shows, or donít want the hassle. He suggests that we retain control of the convention at the PNNA level with our own management, gradually making it a major national show. In lieu of a host club, he proposes hiring a local club to run registration, assist in setup/teardown, etc, to the tune of several hundred dollars. We would have to make an open call for applications in order to give all interested organizations an opportunity to apply. Boling observed that there is no host club requirement in the bylaws; no amendment is required to stop using host clubs. He suggested that action at the board level is not needed to hire assistance for the show; the show committee should make these decisions. L Rowe suggested that service clubs/Scouts might also be offered this opportunity. Billings proposed that PNNA member clubs should have priority, but lacking applicants, we could then go to service organizations. No motion was presented.

Simmons inquired about attendance; over 1000 in 2002. Attributed to what? Better advertising, printed publicity, and selection of places to advertise (which cost us $3,100 in 2002).

Education: S Loos ó what do we want to do in next year or two? He proposed that we spend some of our assets of over $25,000 in unencumbered funds to promote numismatics. A seminar? Counterfeit seminars have been popular. We could do educational forums (with multiple speakers), or one each in spring and fall on contrasting topics. These would not be associated with the convention. These would be multi-day educational events, but we could also have single-day multi-speaker events. President Loos appointed Larry Gaye and Lisa Loos as a committee to report in January at the Boeing show board meeting on the possibilities of holding a seminar (topic to be determined) in the fall of 2003. Moved and seconded (K Rowe/L Loos) to conduct such a seminar, and to appropriate $500 for initial expenses. Passed. Volunteers?

Additional ideas: Dave Schmidt has proposed that PNNA sponsor a club presidentís breakfast at the spring convention, to get club officers talking to each other and exchanging ideas. We could also have scholarships to the ANA summer seminar, for adults or YNís (or partial scholarships).

Roark suggested that loading and unloading at the spring convention are major problems. We need the large doors open (Loos said that those doors can only be open during selected hours). We will try to block off certain sections for access.

Holcomb suggested that there are judged competitions at the Puyallup fair, as well as peoplesí choice ribbons. Can we get competitive exhibits at Puyallup? Boling says that if we canít get more than three exhibitors at the PNNA convention, how can we get more to Puyallup? Gaye says that showing them at Puyallup would let those three (and maybe more in the future) have a wider audience. President Loos appointed Eric Holcomb to check on the feasibility of competitive exhibits at the Fair.

Billings ó we should also have signs at Puyallup about the quarter design contest. S Loos ó what about a pamphlet of Puget Sound numismatic organizations that can be distributed at Puyallup or other locations? Billings ó are we looking for something more eyecatching than the double page sheet that we now distribute? Yes, or to use at other places than Puyallup. Looking for ways for the PNNA to serve clubs.

Moved/seconded (Holcomb/L Loos) to appropriate $500 to conduct a presidentís breakfast at the spring convention, with one member of each member club paid for by the PNNA, and other members paying their own expenses. Passed.

ANA summer seminar scholarship: moved/seconded (Gaye/Roark) to appropriate $1,000 for a PNNA member to go to the ANA summer seminar, starting in 2003. Passed. We need a committee and criteria: President Loos appointed himself, Kathy Rowe, Lisa Loos, and Larry Gaye to establish criteria, prepare an application form, and make the selection. They were directed to present a report at the next board meeting.

Billings will come up with a sign publicizing the quarter design contest for this yearís Puyallup Fair.
Holcomb will come up with a way to create a pamphlet for publicity.

S Loos ó Gaye proposed promoting joint meetings of clubs, with a special speaker, promoting interactions of clubs, etc. This ties in with the presidentsí breakfast. Potential joint meetings could be picnics or potlucks. We will put this to the presidentsí breakfast participants for implementation suggestions.

The meeting adjourned at 6:31 PM.