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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
18 October 2003, Tacoma, Washington

The meeting was called to order by President Scott Loos at 5:18 PM. Present were vice president Larry Gaye, secretary/treasurer Joseph Boling, directors Richard Billings, Eric Holcomb, Lisa Loos, Larry Rowe, Kathy Rowe, and dealer director Dale Reubish, and member Bert Simmons.

  • Moved and seconded (Billing/Gaye) to approve the minutes of the meeting of 26 April 2003. Passed.

  • Boling presented a letter from member Bob Mertens requesting that PNNA publicize his legal defense fund. No action was taken.

  • Boling presented a letter from ANA about the teachers' seminar Coins in the Classroom in Florida over Christmas. There was some discussion about PNNA supporting potential students (classroom teachers) with additional expenses over what ANA covers. Susanne Gaye is interested in taking the seminar.

  • Moved/seconded (Holcomb/Billings) to pay an additional stipend NTE $300 for expenses not coved by ANA if a PNNA member is accepted to the ANA's seminar. Passed. Larry Gaye recused himself from the vote.

  • Eric Holcomb - web site report - average 150 page views/day. Up from about 108 since switching to the ANA server. He is looking for more input for content. Larry Gaye volunteered to write something on Byzantine numismatics. There was a discussion about using PayPal to accept dues through the web site. Moved/seconded (Gaye/Billings) for Boling to try to register with PayPal for PNNA payments. Passed.

  • Show report - officially sold out several weeks ago. Should now establish a waiting list. Table capacity is 101 tables, with same exhibit space as last year. Greg Franck-Weiby will be set up in the hall in 2004. We need to buy 25 more Allstate cases. Moved/seconded (Gaye/L. Loos) to buy 25 cases. Passed. Boling action.

  • Reubish reported on a poll of dealers about signing for dealer tables at the show (there has been discontent about dealers who have huge banners on the wall advertising themselves). The universal feeling is that banners should not be allowed. Long discussion and measurement of several signs in the room at the time led to the following conclusions about appropriate sizes of signs: not to exceed 18x24 on pipe or wall or back table, one per table; 8.5"x11" if on the front table. Moved/seconded (Reubish/L. Loos) to adopt those dimensions; passed.

  • Hospitality - same as last year. Lunches will come from the community center's vendor; we will provide drinks and snacks.

  • Exhibits - space constraints. Move the PNNA exhibit to the hallway. To allow dealers time to enter through the overhead door, some exhibitors will not be able to set up until after the area has been cleaned up (sometime after 11:15).

  • There was a discussion of tokens, such as were created for the 2003 convention. We will do it again. Gaye is concerned about special sets - people did not have a chance to order them. We will publicize them in the NW this year ahead of time and then strike to order, with an option for three-token or four-token sets (four metals). Moved/seconded (Billings/K. Rowe) to renew the program as discussed. Passed.

  • We need to order woods for show.

  • ANA/PNNA seminar - 23 students have signed up; we might make a little money. Looking to the future, we could host seminars in conjunction with our spring show, three days before or after. the consensus was a preference for after. Having two at same time precluded some registrations. Suggest having a US seminar in one season, a world-related seminar in another season.

  • ANA asked if we wanted a PNNA table at the show in Portland. There is nobody available to staff it. We will take it and strong-arm people to staff it.

  • ANA summer seminar scholarship - we had only 4-5 applications, but expect more for next year if the program continues. Do we want to renew the program? Moved/seconded (Billings/K. Rowe) to offer a scholarship again in 2004. Passed. What about adding another scholarship, perhaps specifically for a YN? We could fund a scholarship at ANA for them to award if there are too few YN candidates from the PNNA. But the Willamette and Boeing clubs both have YN members. Moved/seconded (Gaye/Billings) to establish a YN summer seminar scholarship. Passed. Publicize in next NW.

  • Moved/seconded (Gaye/Boling) to add $1,000 in replenishment funds to the PNNA YN program budget. Passed.

  • There was a discussion of continuing the presidents' breakfast at convention. Moved/seconded (Billings/Gaye) to hold a breakfast in 2004. Passed.

  • It is elections time again - President Loos has appointed Larry Rowe again as nominations and election chair. He is looking for nominations now. The process will be as previously. Loos - he is looking for nominations of people who will attend meetings and participate.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:31 PM.

Minutes recorded and transcribed by Joseph E. Boling.