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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
17 January 2004, Kent, Washington

The meeting was called to order by President Scott Loos at 5:20pm. Present were secretary/treasurer Joseph Boling, directors Richard Billings, William Henderson, Eric Holcomb, Lisa Loos, William McKivor, William Roark, Larry Rowe, Kathy Rowe, Bruce Wonder, and dealer director Dale Reubish, and member Ray Mah. VP Larry Gaye sent a message that he had had to go to a family member's bedside in Michigan this weekend.

  • Moved and seconded (L Rowe/Henderson) to approve the minutes of the meeting of 18 October 2003 as distributed. Passed.

  • Moved and seconded (McKivor/Cushing) to accept the treasurer's annual report (subject to audit). Passed.

  • There was no significant correspondence.

  • Nominations committee report (Larry Rowe). Nominations are being accepted until 15 February so a ballot can be prepared for the next NW.

  • Web page report (Eric Holcomb, webmaster) - we are still getting good traffic. We need up-to-date information on the April convention for the web site.

  • Nor'wester report (Eric Holcomb, editor) - would like to have special edition of The Nor'wester in mid-March to cover the Portland ANA and Tukwila PNNA conventions, with extra pages, dealer ads, perhaps a color cover. Moved and seconded (L Rowe/L Loos) to punch up the next issue as described. Passed. Holcomb and S Loos will try to recruit dealer ads.

  • April PNNA convention report (Dick Billings) - moving along. The show is sold out with a waiting list. We are looking for clubs that want to have meetings at the show. There are no responses yet from some VIPs who have been invited. Walt Ostromecki and Tom Rogers will be here. We have been solicited by the convention bureau in Pocatello to move the convention to that city (Dick Billings declined their invitation).

  • Educational seminar wrapup (Scott Loos) - the PNNA share of the proceeds of last fall's seminars should come in at about $1400. For next fall, the ANA has a new procedure for teaching seminars, based on $150/day/person. That will be a killer for our members unless we cut the seminars to two days. For the 2004 ANA Summer Seminar, we have two scholarships available. Applications are in distribution.

  • Medal sets for the 2004 convention (Scott Loos) - will proceed as announced in the last Nor'wester.

  • YN dues - we have no separate YN dues level at present (unless a YN joins as a family member). Moved and seconded (McKivor/Roark) to set YN dues at $5 annually. Passed.

  • Larry Rowe - do we want to do a memorabilia item for the ANA Portland convention? After discussion, no motion was presented.

  • Del Cushing inquired how many PNNA woods to buy for the April convention. The quantity used in the past (1000 pieces) was selected.

  • We have no response from the ANA about the board meeting slot that we requested at the Portland convention (though we do have confirmation of our table on the club midway). There was a consensus to cancel the board meeting request. Boling action.

The meeting was adjourned at 1754 (5:54 PM PST).

Minutes prepared by Joseph E. Boling, secretary.