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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
24 April 2004, Tukwila, Washington

The meeting was called to order by President Scott Loos at 8:09 AM. Present were vice president Larry Gaye, secretary/treasurer Joseph Boling, directors Richard Billings, Del Cushing, Eric Holcomb, Lisa Loos, William McKivor, Larry Rowe, Kathy Rowe, dealer director Dale Reubish, and members Bert Simmons, Walt Ostromecki, Mark Gruner, Eric Gruner, Al Schy, and Norm Mikat.

Boling announced that the ANA is offering scholarships to the summer seminar course “Coins in the Classroom,” for middle school teachers.

Scott Loos announced that he has received a complaint letter against Art Lowrie for taking merchandise and not paying for it. Lowrie is not a current member; and neither is the complainant. No action was taken (Loos to reply to the letter).

The treasurer’s report for the end of March was distributed. Norm Mikat inquired as to why we are so rich? Scott Loos explained that we are looking for ways to spend some of our money to further numismatic education.

Moved and seconded (L Rowe/L Loos) to donate $5000 to the ANA’s endowment replenishment fund. Passed. Holcomb opined that there was not much discussion for a motion of that magnitude. There is no ANA convention pending. [Transcriber’s note - it is not clear what this comment meant in the context of the discussion as recorded.] McKivor sees one problem - he was not pleased with the way the ANA spent the money from their endowment to start with (for remodeling of the headquarters building and museum). Gaye - the motion has passed already - why continue to discuss it? Moved/seconded (Holcomb/McKivor) to rescind the $5000 appropriation. Passed. Someone proposed sending the question to a committee. S Loos - why send it to a committee since we are all here anyway? Cushing - wants to have a committee to determine whether there is a better way to spend money to support LOCAL numismatics. Patty Finner contributed some observations about the ANA endowment fund as it is now being administered. Moved/seconded (Holcomb/Gaye) to donate $2500 to the ANA endowment replenishment fund. Passed with abstentions. A committee is to be appointed by incoming president Gaye to explore additional potential uses of PNNA funds.

Convention repot. The show is going fairly well - the dealers are pleased. Some customers late Friday complained about treasure hunt dealers who had left. Finner announced that twelve kids participated Friday and were thrilled. She also praised Walt Ostromecki’s conduct of the program. Someone suggested that we get a board or easel to show hourly winners, as drawing announcements can’t be heard in the back of the hall. Billings said he will see if one can be found. He announced that the City of Tukwila picked up all of our coin show signs Friday, as being in violation of the city sign code. The city operations manager said he could not locate anyone who knew anything about the show [he evidently did not ask the mayor, who participated in the show’s opening ceremony]. The signs will be back up today and we will have to see about getting a variance for next year. We had some problems with badges for dealers coming in - had to send them around to the front door for badges. Cushing - put it on the bourse app, that you have to have a badge to be on the floor. 2005 show dates were announced as 29 April - 1 May. There are no known conflicts. This is the weekend after CICF, the week before Central States.

Website report - photos of the opening of the show are on the site already. Thanks to ANA for hosting it.

Nor’Wester - the special edition for the ANA (Portland) and PNNA conventions has been well received. Extra copies are still available. Gaye - thanks to Eric for work on the web site and on the Nor’Wester. Finner - Krause Publications is putting out a directory of clubs nationwide. Data sheets are available at her table for getting listed. Submit one for every club anyone is involved with.

Mikat reported that he had acquired a stack of new items for the PNNA memorabilia collection at a cost of $23.50.
The election and exhibit reports will be made at the general membership meeting this evening.

S Loos - someone suggested that the PNNA should publish its own calendar of shows periodically (not just listing shows that pay to be listed). This could also have dealer ads to offset costs. R Finner - Central States lists shows of member clubs free. Non-member clubs can pay. Commercial shows must take an ad, then will be listed. McKivor feels there would be no problem getting ads. The existing commercial calendar publication for the Northwest excludes some shows. Schy - commercial shows like Pretty Panda should also be solicited. P Finner - such a list could imply endorsement of the show by the PNNA. Holcomb - we just need a disclaimer. Reubish - who gets to decide what dealer cards get shown? Loos - let’s get the publication approved, then decide the mechanics. Moved/seconded (McKivor/Reubish) to establish such a calendar. Passed. [No further responsibilities were assigned.]

Treasurer Boling explained the need under Washington law to have a board resolution for the establishment of bank accounts, and the need for a new resolution to accommodate some changes in hosting of our accounts. Moved/seconded (L Loos/Gaye) to allow the treasurer to establish accounts in any FDIC-insured institution of his choice. Passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:02 AM. Minutes prepared by Joseph E. Boling, secretary.

Minutes of PNNA general membership meeting
24 April 2004, Tukwila, Washington

President Scott Loos called the meeting to order at 6:25 PM. Twenty-seven members were present.

Competitive exhibit award winners for this convention were announced: Class 3, tokens, medals, and decorations: 2nd place, The Navajo Code Talkers Medal, Rollie Finner; 1st place, The Man on the Bed, Susan Billings. Class 4, world coins/paper money: 2nd place, The First Men on the Moon, 25th Anniversary, Eric Holcomb; 1st place, The Francois Flameng 5000 Francs Note, Steve Cox. Class 6, Pacific Northwest numismatic material: 1st place, An Oregon 5D Gold Piece, Ken Hill. Clarence Heppner award, best tokens and medals exhibit - Susan Billings. Byron Johnson award, best of show - Steve Cox.

President Loos announced that the Nina Nystrom Numismatic Ambassador award for 2004 goes to Rob Retz. President Loos announced that the Bob Everett award for 2004 goes to Richard Billings. A speaker’s award and a three-medal convention set were presented to Walt Ostromecki for his numismatic theater presentation. Eric Holcomb presented an ANA Regional Coordinator’s citation to Richard Billings.

Larry Rowe presented the election report, mentioning that turnout this year was the lowest since he has been tallying votes, and that there had been zero nominations presented from the membership (all were generated by the nominations committee, and three directors were elected by write-in votes alone). The results are: president Larry Gaye, vice president Richard Billings, secretary/treasurer Joseph Boling, directors Scott Loos, Norm Mikat, Eric Holcomb, Lisa Loos, Del Cushing, William McKivor, Bruce Wonder, Larry Rowe, Kathy Rowe, William Roark. President Loos passed the (figurative) gavel to President Gaye. Gaye thanked Loos for four years of service in the position of president. He also thanked all those serving on the board, both outgoing and incoming. He inquired as to whether there had been any difference in the distribution of ballots that might have explained the low return rate [only 24 ballots were voted, a bit under 10% of the membership]. The reply was “no, but with no contested offices, members may not have figured it was worth a 37c stamp to send in a ballot.” Also, members seem to be comfortable with the current and prospective officers.

Speaking for the Willamette Coin Club (which just hosted the ANA spring convention in Portland), Gaye thanked persons from the PNNA for assistance on committees for that convention: Tom Sheehan (numismatic theater committee); Eric Holcomb (exhibit chair); Kathy Rowe (activities committee chair). The WCC had a good time putting the convention on, and thanks all who attended for participating.

Moved/seconded (Cushing/Larry Rowe) to award Scott Loos an honorary life membership in the PNNA for his service as president. Passed.

The meeting was then adjourned. Minutes prepared by Joseph E. Boling, secretary.