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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
20 June 2004, Portland, Oregon

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Gaye at 8:15 AM. Present were secretary/treasurer Joseph Boling, directors Eric Holcomb, Lisa Loos, Scott Loos, Larry Rowe, Kathy Rowe, and appointed dealer-director Rob Anglemier.

Moved and seconded (L Rowe/L Loos) to approve the minutes of the previous board meeting and general membership meeting, both held 24 April 2004. Passed.

A treasurer’s report is being made monthly by email.

Moved and seconded (K Rowe/S Loos) to approve the May report subject to audit. Passed.

Moved and seconded (S Loos/L Loos) to ratify the president’s appointment of Rob Anglemier as the dealer-director for the term 2004-2006. Passed.

The final convention report for 2004 showed a profit of $4,449.96, including general admission fees of $1,908, representing at least 950 daily admissions (families and multi-day admissions average less than $2/visitor-day). President Gaye congratulated Scott Loos (bourse chair) and Dick Billings (general chair) for outstanding work on the convention.

General show calendar - nothing has been done yet beyond the board approval to proceed, which was passed at the previous meeting. President Gaye appointed the following committee to develop this publication: Dale Reubish, Eric Holcomb, Del Cushing, Rob Anglemeier, Scott Loos. This calendar is to be distributed at shows, at the Puyallup Fair, in the Nor’Wester, posted on the web site, and anywhere that the PNNA has a presence. It is to be free, completely informative, with ads on the back to cover part of its costs. The committee will select its own chair. Eric Holcomb will coordinate the work of the committee until a chair is selected.

A discussion of the cash amount of the Everett award was opened by Boling. In the past two years, earnings from the fund have been so low that the award has been only $150 (2003) and $100 (2004). Moved and seconded (L Rowe/K Rowe) to supplement the award (from the general fund) as necessary to achieve a minimum award of $200, and to make retroactive payments to those who did not receive at least $200 in past award cycles. Passed. [This provision resulted in supplemental payments of $50 to Ray Mah and $100 to Dick Billings.]

Larry Gaye has been talking to ANA HQ about establishing an exhibit award memorializing Rob Retz. Further discussion with members present explored the mechanics for establishing a new class. [Since this meeting, another organization has undertaken to establish such an award, probably outside the ANA exhibit award program.]

Future educational seminars. There is value in staying in bed with the ANA in the conduct of seminars such as the two-day two-course offering in Tukwila last fall (the ANA diploma program, training certificates, prestige). The problem is the cost that ANA now charges - $150/student-day is too expensive, in comparison with what a student would spend to attend the summer seminar (where five days of coursework are offered, vice the two or three that we can manage when running seminars locally). Seminar timing works better in spring, for publicity reasons. We could also still do smaller ones of our own in the fall. If we offer seminars in the spring, should they be in conjunction with our show? The pros and cons are to be determined by the education committee. If we want to do one-day seminars, we have enough experts that we could offer several topics with minimal cost. Formats could be single-subject, full-day symposia with several speakers, etc. The following committee was appointed to look at educational programs: Gaye, S Loos, L Loos. Boling reminded the committee to include Bill McKivor, educational chair for the past several spring conventions, in their discussions.

Moved and seconded (S Loos/L Loos) to donate $50 to the Providence Portland Medical Foundation for Hospice in memory of Rob Retz. Passed.

Scott Loos reported that he tried last year to increase the visibility of the PNNA convention in the dealer community, to get wider participation. We placed an ad in the FUN program. In Central States, Rollie Finner has offered to put us in their show calendar, but we need to join CSNA. Moved and seconded (S Loos/L Rowe) to join the CSNA for $8. Passed.

2005 show - we are on the way to filling the bourse - we have 25-30 payments already, and are taking applications from people to go on a waiting list.

YN committee - moved and seconded (S Loos/L Loos) to put an additional $1,000 into our YN support program. Passed.

PNNA as host for a Seattle ANA convention. This is still sitting in limbo, waiting for another west coast convention slot - 2010-2011.

Do we want to move up to a larger facility for our annual convention? Eventually - we want to run a waiting list first. Larry Gaye suggested a move to Portland, where we can rent whatever space we need. Such a decision must be balanced against customer distribution, airline access, lack of general recognition in certain areas, and so forth.

Holcomb - needs inputs immediately for the third quarter issue of The Nor’wester.

The Willamette Coin Club has lost its bourse chair; they don't know where a replacement will come from. They want to have a 2005 show, but the members are getting old and unable to do the hard work that is needed. They are also looking at alternate monthly meeting formats, such as weekends, to accommodate kids and the elderly.

What if PNNA had monthly meetings, for all kinds of comers, on the NWTAMS model? Programs at all expertise levels?

Boling reported that the PNNA’s application for non-profit educational organization recognition (501c(3) status) has been submitted, and that the IRS has responded with further questions about certain of our operations (such as the summer seminar scholarship program). We will also be required to amend our incorporation papers in Oregon to include specific wording about disposition of residual assets in the event of dissolution (we presently name the ANA explicitly - a more general statement is required, apparently to cover the situation in the event of ANA’s loss of its own 501c(3) status). [Since the meeting the IRS has awarded PNNA the status of 501c(3) organization.]

The meeting was adjourned about 10:00 AM.

Minutes taken and transcribed by Joseph E. Boling, secretary.