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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
22 January 2005, Kent, Washington

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Gaye at 5:24pm. Present were vice president Richard Billings, secretary/treasurer Joseph Boling, directors Del Cushing, Eric Holcomb, Lisa Loos, Scott Loos, William McKivor, William Roark, and Bruce Wonder, appointed dealer-director Rob Anglemier, and members Bob Busby, Mike Pepka, George Booth, and observer Howard Spindell (from the Willamette CC). The Rowes were not here because of medical problems w/Larry’s mother.

Moved and seconded (S Loos/L Loos) to approve the minutes of the previous board meeting (20 June 2004 in Portland). Passed. The treasurer’s annual report for 2004 was handed out. Moved/seconded (Billings/Roark) to accept the report subject to audit. Passed.

Mark Bettinger continues to not respond to his expulsion following the previous board meeting.

ANA Board Nominations:

  • Moved/seconded (Cushing/Wonder) to nominate Bill Horton for ANA president. Passed.

  • Moved/seconded (Billings/McKivor) to nominate Dr. Walter Ostromecki for ANA governor. Passed.

  • Moved/seconded (Wonder/Cushing) to nominate Remy Bourne for ANA governor. Passed.

  • Moved/seconded (S Loos/L Loos) to nominate Arthur and Prue Fitts as governors of ANA. Passed.

Joe Boling announced his gradual withdrawal from organizational responsibilities in the Puget Sound area as he prepares to move east (summer 2006) to join his once and future bride.

Moved/seconded (L Loos/Billings) to name Eric Holcomb as Puyallup Fair coordinator starting in 2005. Passed.

Del Cushing will search for a storage locker for the PNNA property presently stored in Boling's garage.

Convention report - sold out 1 Sept 2004, working with waiting list. Ostromecki will be here to assist with the YN programs. Prue Fitts and Art Fitts will both speak in the numismatic theater, as well as several local speakers (Bill McKivor is coordinating the theater). Dick Doty will return in 2006 as a speaker. He is also assisting to arrange for a Smithsonian exhibit of Pacific NW BEP national currency proof sheets in 2006. He needs some guidance on the scope of exhibit (Wash. state only?).

A joint PNNA/Willamette Coin Club (WCC) show is scheduled for 28-30 October 2005 in Portland. The object is to raise the PNNA profile in the Portland area, and to provide some assistance to the WCC for putting on a large show (though the WCC plans to proceed even if the PNNA is not an assisting sponsor). The site will be the Lloyds Center Doubletree (the same place that the PNNA annual conventions were for five years). Scott Loos is bourse chair, and has sold about 70% of the space. There will be exhibits and they will try to conduct a numismatic theater. They want to keep Portland residents attuned to expecting major shows in their area (such as ANA shows were). Moved/seconded (L Loos/McKivor) that PNNA join WCC in sponsoring a coin show in Portland 28-30 October, with WCC running the bourse and handling the finances of the show and the PNNA operating the exhibit and education programs. The PNNA will incur no financial liability for this event. Passed unanimously.

Portland wants ANA to come back for a spring show in 2009 or 2010. Larry Gaye proposes that PNNA and WCC co-sponsor that show. Gaye wants approval to offer sponsorship to ANA. Moved/seconded (S Loos/McKivor) to write to ANA offering sponsorship. Passed.

Moved/seconded (Billings/S Loos) to continue the state quarter design program for 5th and 6th graders in 2005, cantered around the PNNA convention. Passed.

Boling handed around the Central States offer of teaching materials for classrooms. There was little interest, but some of the materials may go to quarter design program classrooms.

Eric Holcomb proposed an extra print run of The Nor’Wester for the convention, using the same format as last year (individually bound issues). Moved/seconded (Billings/Wonder) to do this again. Passed.

North Shore Numismatic Society is gathering donations for a Ray Mah memorial. Do we want to contribute? Del Cushing will see what they are planning to do and report back.

There was a discussion of pending laws and government regulation to halt traffic in artifacts, including coins. Archeological associations want to prevent private ownership of anything over one hundred years old – a moving window. Gaye wants the PNNA to associate itself with the Ancient Coin Collecting Group as an affiliate member. ACCG is providing educational materials to legislators showing that coins are not like other archeological property, and that applying the same regulations to coins would be both punitive and counter-productive. Moved/seconded (S Loos/Wonder) to appropriate $150 to become an affiliate member of ACCG. Passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 1845 (6:45 PM).

Minutes taken and transcribed by Joseph Boling, secretary.