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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
30 April 2005, Tukwila, Washington

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Gaye at 8:06 AM. Present were vice president Richard Billings, secretary/treasurer Joseph Boling, directors Del Cushing, Eric Holcomb, Lisa Loos, Scott Loos, Norm Mikat, William McKivor, William Roark, Kathy Rowe, Larry Rowe, and Bruce Wonder, appointed dealer-director Rob Anglemier, and members George Booth, Mark Emtman, Rick Hobson, Walt Ostromecki, and Bert Simmons, and visitors Prue and Arthur Fitts.

Moved and seconded (Wonder/L Loos) to approve the minutes of the previous board meeting (22 January 2005 in Kent). Passed.

President Gaye welcomed visitors Prue and Arthur Fitts, who are here to give numismatic theater presentations and serve as judges.

The North Shore Numismatic Society (NSNS) is producing a medal to commemorate Ray Mah, to be distributed to NSNS members. Presumably some excess medals will be available.

Norm Mikat inquired about whether we have a standing policy for memorial donations. No, they are handled on a case by case basis. Moved/seconded (Mikat/Rowe) that PNNA make a memorial donation of $100 to the NSNS for their use. Passed.

Larry Gaye gave an update on our recent purchase of associate membership in the Ancient Coin Collecting Guild (with the object of supporting unrestricted international movement of numismatic materials). The ACCG has acknowledged us and the Willamette CC on their web site. Some state legislatures have taken up legislation to support the rights of collectors to collect ancient materials (over 100 years old) that have been the target of restrictive legislation concerning international movements.

Larry Gaye thanked Walt Ostromecki for his work with YNs at this convention. Dr. Ostromecki thanked the PNNA for supporting his nomination for the ANA board.

Bill Roark reported having met the PNNA’s adult 2005 ANA Summer Seminar scholarship winner yesterday, and that she is very enthusiastic about the program.

The Willamette Coin Club’s bid for an ANA spring show was for joint PNNA/WCC sponsorship, and was accepted. ANA will return to Portland in spring 2009. The committees will be formed shortly; there is a job for everyone.

Marc Bettinger was convicted of theft in Los Angeles (related to his actions at Long Beach last year). He has still not acknowledged his expulsion from PNNA. A discussion of PNNA’s obligation to notify members followed. Should the mentions in the minutes be all that we do? Having board members take the information back to club and commercial show committees was deemed to be adequate.

The PNNA/WCC fall show report is that we have sold out three times (we keep adding real estate to the bourse layout). We have sold about 70 tables. A fall show will be a new event, and how it is received is not yet known. We are going back to the Doubletree because we would need to sell about 100 tables to break even if we went to the convention center.

We have been selling out the PNNA convention in Tukwila but we have no place to grow to - the convention center (downtown Seattle over the freeway) is too expensive. Eric Holcomb mentioned a new facility in Lynnwood - we need to check it.

The PNNA is developing a thrust of performing the educational component of shows primarily put on by local organizations. PNNA will be doing this at the fall show in Portland, and has been requested to support the Salem club at their 50th anniversary show (fall 2006).

George Booth expressed thanks to Scott and Lisa Loos for their work on this show.

New business - Eric Holcomb proposed that officers be reimbursed for driving on behalf of the PNNA. He requests the IRS’s commercial rate for driving for specific tasks (such as pickup up or delivery of calendars, Nor’Westers, etc), and the non-profit rate for simply attending PNNA events as an officer. Joseph Boling opined that he felt such expenses should deducted from an individual’s taxes or considered as a donation as a volunteer for the organization. The sense of the board was that Eric should put his proposal in writing for consideration at a future board meeting. He agreed to do so.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:57 AM.

Minutes prepared by Joseph E. Boling, secretary.

Minutes of PNNA general membership meeting
30 April 2005, Tukwila, Washington

President Larry Gaye called the meeting to order at 6:25 PM. Twenty-one members were present.

The first business was announcement of the fall show in Portland (28-30 October) jointly sponsored by Willamette Coin Club and the PNNA, with the WCC running the bourse and the PNNA conducting the educational programs. The show will be at the Doubletree Inn (where the PNNA annual show was held from 1995-2000). Part of the proceeds from the show will fund a scholarship to the ANA summer seminar in the name of Rob Retz.

The ANA board, meeting in Kansas City in March, decided that the ANA will return to Portland for its spring National Money Show™ in 2009.

As of 2:00 PM on this date, attendance at the PNNA convention in Tukwila, 2005, had been about 1,200 persons.

President Gaye thanked Dr. Walt Ostromecki for his work in administering the YN program at this convention. About 500 YNs took part in the program.
He then thanked Arthur and Prue Fitts for their presentations in the numismatic theater at this convention.

Bruce Wonder pointed out that some local clubs are coming up on their 50th anniversaries. Salem will celebrate its 50th in 2006, and the Vancouver Numismatic Society’s 50th was this month (for which a commemorative medal has been struck). Victoria will celebrate theirs 12 June.

Lisa Loos announced the winners of the PNNA scholarships to ANA summer seminar for 2005 - adult Janna Silverstein and YN Matthew Crane.

Larry Rowe thanked the exhibitors at the convention [way too few] and the judges (Joseph Boling, Arthur and Prue Fitts) and announced the following exhibit awards:

Competitive exhibit award winners:

  • Class 3, tokens, medals, and decorations: 1st place, J Eric Holcomb (space program medals). Class 5, miscellaneous: 1st place, Susan Billings (AA program medals).

  • Clarence Heppner award, best tokens and medals exhibit - J. Eric Holcomb. Byron Johnson award, best of show - J. Eric Holcomb (this includes $200 in assistance to take the exhibit to the 2005 ANA convention).

President Gaye thanked Larry Rowe for his service as exhibit chairman.

President Gaye announced that the Bob Everett award for 2005 goes to Joseph Boling (certificate and a check for $200).

President Gaye thanked this convention’s general chairman (Richard Billings) and bourse chairman (Scott Loos) for their work.

President Gaye announced that the Nina Nystrom Numismatic Ambassador award for 2005 goes to Lisa Loos and Scott Loos (plaque).

Arthur Fitts stated that he and Prue had come because the Rowes and Loos’ had invited them. It had been a fun convention, and they see a vitality here that is missing in many other locales.

Eric Holcomb announced that there would be leftover copies of The Nor’wester if anyone needs them for local distribution at their home clubs.

Someone suggested that in future years there should be a security room for non-local dealers on Thursday evening. The committee will consider that, but is not optimistic that we will spend the money to support that suggestion.

The meeting adjourned at 6:53 PM.

Minutes prepared by Joseph E. Boling, secretary.