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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
10 September 2005, Portland, Oregon

Meeting called to order by President Larry Gaye at 5:10 PM with eight members present: Scott and Lisa Loos, Eric Holcomb, Bill Roark, Larry & Kathy Rowe, Dick Billings and Larry Gaye. Scott L. reported that 98 (maybe 99) tables have been sold for the October show and that he anticipated no particular problems with any conflicting shows. Larry Gaye stated the security has been arranged as well as local advertising. He also mentioned that the advertising budget was “about triple” the old Willamette show budgets. Larry also reported that there would be a special Boy Scout program (set up in a separate room) as well as a special “Halloween Hunt” for the kids on the Sat. of the show.  Both Larry and Scott said they would be putting out the call for volunteers to help with set-up, take-down and registration. Larry G. assured members that the Willamette Coin Club would be providing virtually all the necessary manpower for those requirements. Dick Billings stated that, while there had been quite adequate help (mostly from the Seattle Numismatic Society members) for set-up at the spring show in Tukwila, the take-down task on Sunday evening was “horrible” with only 2 other members to help him. Dick was quoted as saying “Never again!”

Larry G. reported that the Doubletree will be providing a hospitality room for the show use on all three days. There was discussion about prizes for the kids’ program, and that one of the things would of course be coins, especially the Oregon State quarter and the new “Lewis & Clark” nickels. Lisa L. moved that we allocate $350 for prizes, candy, etc. for the show. Seconded by Kathy Rowe and passed. There was discussion about the possibility of bringing show display cases to Portland from Joe Boling’s garage. Also discussion about trophies and awards for the Numismatic Theater.  Larry reminded the members that there was a need for speakers for the show. Larry G. stated that he would be appointing a chairman for the Numismatic Theater soon.

Eric Holcomb presented a written suggestion that the PNNA reimburse members for necessary travel (mileage) expenses. Larry Rowe suggested that the PNNA have a “per diem” allowance for board members attending board meetings. After some discussion, Larry R. moved and Kathy R. seconded that PNNA officers and board members be reimbursed $20 for each board meeting attended. Motion passed unanimously. It was pointed out that eligible members would need to apply for the reimbursement, it will not be automatic.

Scott L. said that he has had a couple of requests from dealers who would like a “security room” at the Tukwila show from Thursday evening until Friday morning. This would be like something the ANA offers dealers at their shows. Dick B. reminded the members that the Tukwila off-duty police rate is now $35 per hour so a security officer for 16 hours (4 PM Thursday to 8 AM Friday) would cost $560. Scott said he would like to see if the US Post Office (or maybe UPS or Fed Ex) might be talked into setting up something “on-site.” The show committee will look into this.

Larry Gaye also reminded members that the Willamette CC would be providing coffee, donuts, etc. for the hospitality room. Meeting was adjourned at 6:30 PM.

Minutes by acting secretary Dick Billings.