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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
21 January 2006, Kent, Washington

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Gaye at 5:14 PM. Present were vice president Richard Billings, secretary/treasurer Joseph Boling, directors Del Cushing, Eric Holcomb, Lisa Loos, Scott Loos, William McKivor, William Roark, Kathy Rowe, Larry Rowe, and Bruce Wonder, and appointed dealer-director Rob Anglemier.

Secretary Boling noted that he had just discovered that he had not completed and published the minutes of the 29 October meeting in Portland. They will accompany the minutes to this meeting.

The treasurer's annual report for 2005 was handed out. Moved/seconded (S Loos/K Rowe) to accept the report subject to audit. Passed.

Report of nominations committee (Larry Rowe, chair) - still taking nominations until 1 March (he has received none so far from the general membership). He has generated nominations for the officer positions and half of the directors. Several serving officers have volunteered to run again. Gaye reminded all that there may be a few tasks that directors will be asked to perform.

Show report - Tukwila - 101 tables sold out - calls are coming in from across the country to get on the waiting list. We should be good to go for our April weekend. We tentatively have the Fitts coming to visit (as speakers) and Walt Ostromecki to assist with the YN program. Richard Doty will also be coming as a speaker. Tom Rogers (former engraver at the US Mint) is a possible speaker. One club has asked for time for a meeting (C4). Gaye: wants to ensure that there is one POC for education at the convention. McKivor is willing to let someone else be the educational program chair, because he can't always be in the room for the presentations. Billings said he would be doing the introductions. McKivor will keep the chair, and wants anyone who knows of a potential speaker to contact him.

The new South King County Coin Club is the host club for this year's convention - they will assist in set-up, tear-down, and hospitality (for the $750 payment that is offered for that work). S Loos will check to see if the hotel arrangement will be the same as previously. The president's breakfast will not be held this year - it has not served the functions we wanted it to. Greg Franck-Weiby has not yet sent designs, but the same token program is planned as in previous years. Holcomb - should we again have a special edition of The Nor'Wester? If so, we need a couple of good articles to fill it out. The consensus was to repeat the special edition. L Rowe - something should be written about Boling's years of service and imminent departure. Rowe to write. Billings - we also need to arrange storage space for cases and other convention materials following the convention. Cushing to check. We also need some new lamps and bases. S Loos to acquire.

The October joint convention with the Willamette Coin Club was a success in most respects. A total of $2600 was spent on advertising - about $1700 more than any previous show - covering all print media. Some mistakes will be corrected in future events. They are already advertising for 14-15 October 2006, and have decided that is it not yet time to move to a three day show (we also want to keep the Tukwila convention as the main regional focus).

The educational programs (except for the very successful Boy Scout clinics) at the 2005 WCC/PNNA show did not pan out as intended, and will get additional attention for future conventions. We might also get the silver art bar collectors to use the 2006 fall convention for their annual meeting. Gaye will contact Steve Cox about preparing scrip for the fall show - leaving the token program for the Tukwila convention.

Boling - what about continued sponsorship of ANA conventions, in light of current widespread dissatisfaction with ANA policies? Gaye - that money goes directly into creature comforts for visitors to the show (such as carpeting). Consensus was to continue the standing order for $50 for each convention.

McKivor: goes to the British token congress each year, and is the only US attendee. It's a major event - three days of seminars, dining, and conviviality. It's an all-volunteer effort that moves around the country, changing hosts each year. McKivor has been volunteering Seattle for several years, and they are beginning to consider coming to the US for such an event. He suggests that we put it together with the Tukwila convention, and extend invitations to US collectors to attend as well. McKivor would be primarily responsible for the coordination. The token congress and its own bourse would be held at the hotel, scheduled so as not to detract from the main PNNA show bourse.

PNNA scholarships for 2006 - the phrasing has been changed to "tuition-room-board and transportation up to $1000," one adult, one YN, applications due 15 March. Moved/seconded (S Loos/L Loos) to fund two scholarships for this year. Passed.

Gaye - the Salem Coin Club has requested our mailing list of OR/WA dealers for their 50th anniversary show. S Loos will provide.

Boling - we need a new archivist. Nobody volunteering. We need space and storage capability for records - not in the storage locker with the exhibit cases. Holcomb is willing to scan materials for digital storage. Cushing will hold the Cushing collection of PNNA memorabilia in his safe.

Moved/seconded (Cushing/K Rowe) to adjourn. Passed at 6:25 PM.

Minutes prepared by Joseph E. Boling, secretary.