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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
22 April 2006, Tukwila, Washington

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Gaye at 8:10 AM. Present were president Larry Gaye, vice president Richard Billings, secretary/treasurer Joseph Boling, directors Del Cushing, Eric Holcomb, Lisa Loos, Scott Loos, William McKivor, Kathy Rowe, Larry Rowe, Bruce Wonder, and appointed dealer-director Rob Anglemier, and members Dale Crawford, Mark Gruner, Gawain O’Connor, Walt Ostromecki, Al Schy, and guest Owen Gruner.

President Gaye expressed thanks to Dick Billings for arranging the presence of the mayor of Tukwila for the show opening on Friday. He also thanked those who ran for office in the just-completed election. He then thanked Joe Boling for his work in the Pacific NW. Eric Holcomb presented Boling a color copy of the cover of the current Nor’Wester (containing the Boling NW numismatic bio).

The PNNA now has a computer projector for presentations. The Willamette Coin Club owns a laptop donated by Phil Lockwood that will be used to drive it. It will be available to member clubs as needed. If the projector alone is borrowed by a club, then the computer driving it will have to have a PowerPoint reader.

Election report - deferred to the general membership meeting this evening. Mikat - why is the board meeting early in the morning and the general meeting late in the day? Scott Loos - there is no time for both in the evening, and to get the general members to come to the awards presentation, we do that in the evening.

Convention report - Cushing - everyone he has talked to seems to be happy. McKivor - thumbs up. Billings - we will probably have low attendance today due to good weather. Lots of dealers had a very strong Friday - some did a three-day show’s business on that one day. There is a buzz in the air (partly attributable to strong bullion markets). There is a concomitant impact on the prices for common gold and silver items, though. US 90% silver coins are trading at 9.5x face.

Old business - Eric Holcomb again raised his motion to subscribe to Qwest voicemail service for Boling’s telephone number, on which Boling can put messages to redirect callers to his new number in Indiana and to selected PNNA numbers in the area for PNNA activities. Moved and seconded (Holcomb/McKivor) to buy this subscription for a year. Mikat - does not feel it would be cost effective. McKivor, Gaye - but effective in terms of pubic service to callers. Mikat - lazy people won’t call the second number. McKivor - our choices are spending money to make new wooden nickels or to use the voice mail service. Mikat - Let’s take the loss on the existing nickels and make new ones. What would that cost? Cushing - Cost to reorder 5000 nickels is about $500. Moved/seconded (Wonder/McKivor) to table Eric’s motion. Passed. Moved/seconded (Mikat/Wonder) to eat (figuratively) the remaining wooden nickels and make new ones. Passed. Whose number to put on the new nickel? Norm Mikat volunteered to let his number be used.

Boling brought up the recent ANA increase in tuition for the summer seminar, and the fact that YN tuition is $50 higher than adult tuition [because the YNs go on a mandatory field trip up Pikes Peak]. This has caused the portion of the scholarship available for transportation to shrink significantly. Moved/seconded (Cushing/Mikat) to raise the YN scholarship [only] to $1,100 effective in 2006. Passed.

Moved/seconded (Rowe/Mikat) that since Boling is moving on, we need a new chief judge as well. Nominate Eric Holcomb (who will reluctantly accept). Passed.

Bill McKivor wants to know why a PNNA member caught stealing coins in the past is attending the convention. Wasn’t he expelled? No. Boling explained that he has continued to pay dues and that the board has never taken any action in regard to his alleged misconduct at other clubs’ shows. Boling - we need to convene a discipline meeting if we want to pursue this. Cushing - also for another member accused of writing a bad check? Yes. Gaye - Can board members spend some time here this morning? We will follow this meeting with a discipline meting.

Moved (Billings) that the PNNA reimburse the bourse chair for his dealer table fee for this and the fall shows. Loos - this has already been done. Motion withdrawn.

For consideration at future meetings - Gaye wants to make additional benefits available to members. Wants a seminar for general membership for members only - an education package. We have about 250 members, of which a large proportion are dealers. They get little benefit, but he wants to introduce some benefits for them - seminars of various types. He wants to do this at any show that has a board meeting in conjunction.

Boling raised the question of who is to replace him as PNNA archivist - Cushing volunteered to take the materials (he is already going to be the depository of the memorabilia collection). Schy - there are new containers that can be used to protect archives. Boling then asked who is going to have custody of the PNNA traveling exhibit and the PNNA television set? Put the exhibit table in the storage locker - the cartons containing the numismatic material will go to Cushing. The PNNA TV set will be stored with Scott/Lisa Loos.

Moved/seconded (Boling/L Loos) that Scott Loos (as treasurer) be allowed to place PNNA funds in any financial institutions of his choice in accounts that are covered by FDIC insurance. Passed.

The meeting moved to a closed session with the following members present: Del Cushing, Larry Rowe, Kathy Rowe, Bill McKivor, Eric Holcomb, Norm Mikat, Lisa Loos, Scott Loos, Rob Anglemier, Bruce Wonder, Larry Gaye, Joe Boling.

The meeting adjourned at 9:28 AM.

Minutes prepared by Joseph E. Boling, secretary.

Minutes of PNNA general membership meeting
22 April 2006, Tukwila, Washington

The meeting was called to order by president Larry Gaye at 6:18 PM.

Election chairman Larry Rowe announced the results of the PNNA election: president, Larry Gaye; vice president, Lisa Loos; secretary, Eric Holcomb; treasurer, Scott Loos; directors, Del Cushing, Larry Rowe, Richard Billings, Bill McKivor, Bruce Wonder, Rob Anglemier, Steve Cox, Mark Gruner, Michael Sanders, Gawain O'Connor. [Subsequent to the meeting, president Gaye announced that the appointed dealer-representative director will be Norm Mikat.]

Gaye requested that new directors offer their suggestions for PNNA programs. We need to find ways to communicate with collectors - we seem to be attracting only dealers as new members. Gaye thanked Larry Rowe for his service as nominating committee chair and election chair. Rowe noted that of 240+ ballots distributed, only 42 were received back (but there were no contested seats in this election, which would tend to reduce participation).

Exhibit chair Larry Rowe observed that we had better participation this year than we have had the past couple of years. Award hardware will follow. He thanked Joe Boling, Eric Holcomb, and Art Fitts for judging at this convention, and announced the following exhibit awards for 2006:

Larry Gaye thanked Joe Boling for his work in the Pacific NW for the past several years, and observed that he will be missed.

Larry Gaye announced that the Nina Nystrom Memorial Goodwill Ambassador Award for 2006 goes to Phil Lockwood (who coincidentally just donated a laptop computer to the Willamette Coin Club for use as a driver for the PNNA video projector). Lockwood will receive the award plaque at a meeting in the Portland area.

Joe Boling announced that the winner of the Bob Everett Memorial Award for 2006 is Larry Gaye. He presented Gaye with a certificate and a check for $225.

Art Fitts observed that he and Prue appreciate what they find at the PNNA conventions when they visit, especially the YN programs operated by Walt Ostromecki. Ostromecki announced that about 125 kids had gone through his program this day. Larry Gaye thanked Art and Prue Fitts and Walt Ostromecki for continuing to support the PNNA by attending our conventions and contributing to our educational programs.

Bill McKivor announced that Dick Doty, one of our educational speakers, was not feeling well (and thus was not at this meeting), but that he thanks the convention committee for the welcome extended to him.

Eric Holcomb requested that new board members provide contact info and a photo for the PNNA web site.

Larry Gaye announced that at the next board meeting we would look further at our educational mission and its execution.

Bill McKivor observed that we need an education co-chair for the fall convention with the Willamette Coin Club. He suggested that we put the arm on newly elected director Michael Sanders, who would be local to that meeting. We may be able to get Dr. Doty again for the fall show.

Lary Gaye thanked Bill McKivor for putting together the numismatic theater for this convention.

Boling advised new board members that they can buy the forest green blazer that PNNA officers wear at Rottle’s clothing in Auburn. The PNNA provides $35 toward the purchase of the blazer (which used to leave about $100 to come out of the officer’s pocket - current prices are not known).

The meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM.

Minutes prepared by Joseph E. Boling, outgoing secretary.