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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
10 June 2006, Beaverton, Oregon

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Gaye at 1720 (5:20 PM).

Members present were: Larry Gaye, Lisa Loos, Scott Loos, Larry Rowe, Mike Sanders, Rob Anglemier, and Steve Cox.


A copy of a proposed disciplinary letter was reviewed and a lengthy discussion ensued. It was decided not to take any further action for the present time as no formal complaint has been made. L. Loos motioned that the issue be tabled, and this was seconded by M. Sanders. All voted in favor.

In regard to a second PNNA member who owed bourse fees to the PNNA-member Boeing Employees Coin Club, Larry Gaye reported that all monies owed have now been paid. A $5 debt outstanding to the PNNA will be dropped.


Educational seminars

Larry Gaye posed the question of whether or not the PNNA should sponsor educational seminars in conjunction with membership meetings as a benefit to the membership as well as a “draw” to get more members participating in PNNA functions. This was discussed and the consensus was that any such meetings are best held apart from show venues as it is too difficult to get participants (among both dealers and the general membership) when competing with time spent on the bourse floor. Larry Gaye will work with Bill McKivor and Mike Sanders on the details of planning a membership meeting/seminar.

Salem Coin Club

Larry Gaye announced that the PNNA-member Salem Coin Club is looking for speakers for their 50th anniversary convention to be held 24-26 November in Salem, OR. As no volunteers were forthcoming at the board meeting, Larry Gaye and Mike Sanders will continue to assist the Salem Coin Club in their search.

PNNA Procedural Manual

Lisa Loos put forward a request that all board members assist her in the development of “job descriptions” outlining the responsibility of the various committee chair positions. Lisa also suggested that all board members able take an active role in chairing committees as needed. This was discussed by the board, and the committees identified were as follows:

  • Convention

  • Education (includes Scholarship sub-committee)

  • Election

  • Exhibit (includes National Coin Week sub-committee)

  • Membership

  • YN

Lisa Loos also requested that a list of instructions for host clubs to outline their responsibilities when sponsoring a PNNA coin show be included in the proposed PNNA Procedural Manual. All board members were in agreement with the proposals. Lisa Loos requests that all member-submitted drafts outlining the required responsibilities of committee chair positions be submitted to her no later than September 1, 2006. She will present a compiled first draft to the board by September 15.

Old PNNA wooden nickels

In a general consensus it was decided by the board to discontinue the production of PNNA “wooden nickels.” In their place Larry Gaye suggested personalized PNNA business cards for all officers and board members. The rationale for the change is that the public is more accustomed to handling and saving business cards, and the more widespread dispersal of business cards will make them a better marketing tool. Each card will have the PNNA logo with the officer’s or board member’s name and contact information on the front, and the names and contact information for all the officers on the back. Larry Gaye has volunteered to be responsible for the initial printing, which will be approximately 50 cards per officer and board member. All present were in favor of this decision.

Treasurer’s report

A copy of the Treasurer’s report was reviewed. Lisa Loos put forward a motion to accept the report and Mike Sanders seconded this. All voted in favor.

The meeting was adjourned at 1850 (6:50 PM).

Minutes respectively submitted by Steve Cox.