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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
14 October 2006, Portland, Oregon

The meeting was held at the Lloyd Center Doubletree Inn in conjunction with the Willamette Coin Club/PNNA 2nd Annual “Mini-Con.”

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Gaye at 6:12 PM. Present were vice president Lisa Loos, secretary Eric Holcomb, treasurer Scott Loos, directors Steve Cox, Del Cushing, Gawain O’Connor, Mark Gruner (with his son Owen), Larry Rowe, Michael Sanders and Bruce Wonder, and appointed dealer-director Norm Mikat. Also present were PNNA members Jerry Bobbe, Mark Emtman, Walt Ostromecki and possibly others.

Reports and Old Business:

Show Report – The show attendance was approximately 300 today, maybe more. Registration forms submitted will help form a mailing list for Oregon. It is a good show; we are enjoying it and the dealers are happy! However, there are no table covers. The show dates next year are October 12-14, 2007. Thanks to Walt Ostromecki for his outstanding YN program, to Steve Cox for the “scrip,” and to all the other show volunteers. We have good security, including two former marshals. Bourse applications for the 2007 show will be available Sunday, and we have started a waiting list.

Minutes – Larry Rowe made a motion to accept the June meeting minutes as written; it was seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report – We have money! Everything came over from former treasurer Joseph Boling to new treasurer Scott Loos. The balance is about $45,000. Scott will e-mail the details. $50 was received in PNNA dues by the Willamette Coin Club. The treasurer’s report was accepted by a passed motion. It was requested that checks to the PNNA be deposited within one month – Scott is working on this; it may not always be possible when someone else receives the check before Scott.

Memorabilia Collection – Norm reported that the PNNA memorabilia collection was misplaced when Joe left town. (It has subsequently been found.) Some items were transferred from Joe to Del and other items to Eric. (Del now has almost all the items.) David Sklow will donate a 1990 ANA convention medal (which refers to the PNNA as the host club) to the PNNA; Eric will write a thank-you letter. Del also offered to donate a set of the small-size silver and bronze medals from the 1990 ANA convention.

Elections – Larry said that we should be on the lookout for new board members to serve beginning in 2008 when we have our next elections.

Procedural Manual – Delayed; Lisa will still work on it eventually!

Memberships – Scott Loos has suggested that we contract with Rachel Irish’s business, Membership Solutions, to handle the PNNA membership list and annual renewals. We need to get more information about the cost of the service and what services are offered, such as sending reminder notices. There is also the issue of who would actually receive the membership payments, some of which now come in through PayPal. A decision is desired in time for the December newsletter. (This did not happen.)

Puyallup Fair Report – Eric reported that this annual activity (of staffing a coin table in the Hobby Hall at the Fair) was very successful again despite not having any new wooden nickels to hand out this year. There was a brief discussion of the woods again.

New Business:

YN Appropriation – Lisa moved and Bruce seconded to appropriate $1,000 for YN programs at the next annual convention in Tukwila. Passed.

IBNS Meeting – Del Cushing was approached by Ron Richardson (from the NSNS) about a Northwest chapter of the IBNS (International Bank Note Society). A preliminary meeting will be scheduled at the April convention in Tukwila.

Summer Seminar Scholarships – Norm moved and Steve seconded to appropriate $2,050 total for 2007 ANA Summer Seminar scholarships ($1,000 for an adult and $1,050, including a $50 field trip, for a YN). Passed. The same YN won the scholarship the past two years; we would like to approach some others about applying and possibly advertise more. The scholarship committee (Scott Loos, Larry Gaye and Mark Gruner) may revise the application and establish policies such as limiting awards to the same person to two non-consecutive years.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:03 PM.

Minutes prepared by Eric Holcomb, Secretary.