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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
14 April 2007, Tukwila, Washington

The board meeting called to order by President Larry Gaye at 8:01 AM. Other members and directors present: Dick Billings, Gawain O’Connor, Steve Cox, Del Cushing, Mark Gruner (and his son Owen), Eric Holcomb, Scott and Lisa Loos, Bill McKivor, Walt Ostromecki, Larry Rowe and Bruce Wonder.

Larry Gaye reported that we are experiencing a “happy show.” The relatively good weather may or may not be playing a role.

Treasurer Scott Loos reported a cash balance of $50,375.64. The Everett Memorial Fund is about $7,000, but $450 is to be removed (partly to pay this year’s winner). Motion [Lisa L./Mark G.] to accept treasurer’s report. Passed.

Motion [Lisa L./Steve C.] to accept secretary’s report (recent minutes as published). Passed.

Comment on Rachel Irish – she is doing a great job with memberships!

Old Business

Seminars – nothing scheduled yet. Larry Gaye is working on it. Possibly we’ll have a grading seminar.

Scholarships – 2007 winners are Michael Lebosier (adult) and Owen Gruner (YN).

Exhibits – e-mail received from Ellis Corets regarding his winning 2006 exhibit. He is entitled to $200 for taking the exhibit to the ANA convention the same year.

Convention – Going fairly well; new facility direction at the Tukwila Community Center; concern for dealer security at end of show due to incidents at some other major shows. Net income is $1,000 or more so far. (This may refer to receipts at the door.) 30 display cases were in Portland; 10 were returned for this show. Bruce reported that some lamp clamps don’t fit. There is also a problem with the lamp plates (that go under cases to secure the lamps) being taken (not returned at end of show).

Association of Collector Clubs (ACC) – Decision not to renew PNNA’s membership due to insufficient benefit.

Memberships – PNNA 3-year memberships previously approved by board. Rate is $25 for three years.

New Business

Presidential Awards – New award started by Larry Gaye. Two will be presented tonight. Recipients will receive a certificate.

2009 ANA in Portland – Start planning. Motion [Dick B./Bill M.] to recommend that ANA choose Scott Loos as convention chairman. Passed.

Numismatic Theater – Bill has been in charge since 1994, and would like to see someone else take the job. The new chairman should have contacts in the numismatic community to help attract speakers.

ANA election endorsements – Decide how the PNNA will cast its ballot once the ballot is received. In addition to the nominations decided in January, the PNNA nominated Arthur Fitts at the Charlotte ANA spring convention by a vote of five PNNA board members [Scott and Lisa Loos, Larry Gaye, Larry Rowe and Bruce Wonder]. Should the PNNA run an ad in favor of Joe Boling’s campaign? – It was eventually decided that campaign contributions should come from individuals rather than the PNNA.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:59 AM.

Minutes of PNNA general membership meeting
14 April 2007, Tukwila, Washington

The general membership meeting was called to order by President Larry Gaye at 6:20 PM. Larry expressed his thanks.

There were no minutes from last year, and no new business.

The new PNNA Presidential Award was presented to Tacoma-Lakewood Coin Club editor Rick Schulz, and Willamette Coin Club member and token specialist Jim Mabry. The Nina Nystrom Goodwill Ambassador Award was presented to former PNNA president Tom Sheehan. The Bob Everett Memorial Award was presented to Walt Ostromecki, who has run our convention YN program several times in recent years.

Exhibit awards: See completed exhibits page for 2007. There was only one competitive exhibit this year.

Reminder: Sign up to volunteer at the Puyallup Fair Hobby Hall coin table!

Report of a stolen coin earlier in the day; the perpetrator tried to sell the coin to another dealer, but was not caught.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:46 PM.

Minutes recorded by secretary Eric Holcomb.