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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
13 October 2007, Portland, Oregon

The meeting was held at the Lloyd Center DoubleTree Inn in conjunction with the PNNA-Willamette Coin Club fall convention and coin show.

The meeting was called to order by PNNA President Larry Gaye at 6:11 PM. Other PNNA members and guests in attendance included Eric Holcomb, Mike Sanders, Lisa and Scott Loos, Del Cushing, Dick Billings, Bruce Wonder, Larry Rowe, Rob Anglemier, Joseph Boling, Gawain O’Connor, Phil Lockwood, Greg Franck-Weiby, Howard Spindel, Jerry Bobbe, Walt Ostromecki, Robert Steinegger, Danny Bisgard, Tom Sheehan and Ken Hill.

This will be a short meeting. The April minutes are currently unavailable, and approval is postponed.

It was noted that there were more ANA life members at the meeting than PNNA life members!! (Also newly elected ANA board members Joseph Boling and Walt Ostromecki.)

Scott Loos gave the treasurer’s report. Our total cash balance is $48,935.15, and revenues exceeded expenses for the year by over $2,000. Motion [L. Loos/Anglemier] to accept the treasurer’s report — passed.

New Business:

Should we make a $50 convention patron donation to the ANA? (It was not paid this year.) No decision – most likely we will resume donations in 2008.

Eric announced that he is moving to Bend, Oregon early in 2008. A full impact analysis of Eric’s move on the PNNA will be presented at the January meeting.

2009 Portland ANA:

The board meeting was adjourned at 6:27 PM, after which Scott Loos convened a very brief meeting of the convention committee for the ANA National Money Show™ in Portland in March of 2009.

Scott was appointed general chairman in Milwaukee, with Larry Gaye as assistant chairman. Larry Rowe is the honorary general chairman pending ANA approval. There will be quarterly committee meetings. The Willamette Coin Club is the primary host club, with the PNNA as the secondary host.

Howard questioned the process for involving the host club (Willamette) in the selection of committee chairs. Scott will explain the process; it is primarily the general chairman’s responsibility to appoint the chairs.

Larry Gaye was speechless!

The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 PM.

The next PNNA Board meeting will be at the Boeing Employees’ Coin Club annual show on Saturday, January 19 following the 5:00 PM bourse closing.

Minutes prepared by Eric Holcomb, Secretary.