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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
5 April 2008, Tukwila, Washington

The board meeting was called to order by President Larry Gaye at 8:13 AM. Other members and directors present: Dick Billings, Danny Bisgaard, Gawain O’Connor, Steve Cox, Del Cushing, Mark Gruner, Eric Holcomb, Mike Labosier, Scott and Lisa Loos, Norm Mikat, Walt Ostromecki, Mike Sanders and Bruce Wonder.

The election results were announced. The following persons were elected to the PNNA board of directors: Lisa Loos (President), Danny Bisgaard (VP), Mike Labosier (Secretary), Scott Loos (Treasurer), Craig Korstad, Dave Ownbey, Eric Holcomb, Steve Cox, Del Cushing, Bruce Wonder, Mike Sanders, Bill McKivor, Gawain O'Connor, Robb Anglemier. Mark Gruner will likely be appointed as dealer director, and Larry Gaye remains on the board as past president.

Current President Larry Gaye reported that the numismatic hobby in the Northwest is "healthier than 20 years ago." Thanks and congratulations to everyone.

Old and New Business

Storage Locker – Del requested that we purchase two storage racks at a cost of $150 each for the PNNA storage locker. Motion [Del C./Norm M.] – passed. The rent for the storage facility itself is about $435 per quarter.

Motion to accept secretary’s report (including April 2007 minutes) as published. Passed.

Convention – The convention is here! Scott reported that attendance is good, etc. There was a lengthy discussion about "Early Bird" badge holders, as well as abuse of dealer badges. (Each dealer renting a table at the convention gets up to four badges, some of which may be issued to persons not actually helping the dealer. This is difficult to regulate.) Should we cut back the number of badges and/or limit hours? "Early Bird" badge holders can be a nuisance to dealers not yet set up, and may also have the opportunity to buy material before other dealers. The show committee will likely begin admitting "Early Bird" badge holders at 9:00 AM on Friday next year rather than 8:00 AM, when dealer setup begins. It was suggested that "Early Bird" badges should also have the person's name. It was also suggested that all dealer badge holders should be PNNA members, however this is only practical to enforce for the primary dealer renting the table.

Past President – By tradition, the outgoing president (Larry Gaye) becomes an honorary life member (HLM) of the PNNA; he was previously a paid life member.

Treasurer's Report – Treasurer Scott Loos reported a total cash balance of $68,994. Motion [Bruce W./Mark G.] to accept treasurer’s report. Passed.

Advertising – There was a discussion about issues raised this year, including who should be allowed to advertise on the back cover of The Nor'wester, and whether or not advertisers should be able to make general claims about being "the best," "the finest," "preferred," etc. We should make the process more formal next year for the issue of The Nor'wester that will be distributed at the ANA convention in Portland. The editor will make recommendations this fall. It is unlikely that the PNNA will censor claims of a general or vague nature, however a stronger advertising disclaimer may appear.

Scholarships – 2008 adult winner is Larry Gaye, and there is no YN award. Larry was the only applicant this year. Brief discussion of how to get more applicants? Perhaps consider having a local seminar as an alternative to Colorado Springs?

ANA Board – Larry reported that commentary on the new ANA Board of Governors has been favorable. ANA President Barry Stuppler will accept nominations for the ANA Presidential Award.

Dinner – Tonight's dinner will be at Newport Bay. There is a limit of 19 people.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 AM.

Minutes of PNNA general membership meeting
5 April 2008, Tukwila, Washington

The general membership meeting was called to order by President Larry Gaye at 6:15 PM. Larry expressed his thanks to the outgoing board members, and reported that the current convention is the "most successful convention." People are buying coins; kids are having a good time, etc. The new board members for the 2008-2010 term of office were announced this morning at the board meeting.

The PNNA Presidential Award was presented to Larry and Kathy Rowe of Vancouver, Washington in recognition of their longtime service to the PNNA.

The Nina Nystrom Goodwill Ambassador Award was not awarded this year.

The Bob Everett Memorial Award was presented to PNNA Treasurer and Bourse Chairman Scott Loos.

Exhibit awards: See completed exhibits page for 2008. There were five competitive exhibits this year, although they were placed by only two exhibitors. There will be an exhibiting seminar in Portland on Saturday, June 21 to help exhibitors prepare for the March 2009 ANA convention in Portland. There will also be exhibits at the PNNA-Willamette Coin Club fall convention in Portland.

The new PNNA officers were installed, and introduced themselves.

Numismatic Theater – Bill McKivor has been in charge since 1994, and would like to see someone else take the job. The new chairman should have contacts in the numismatic community to help attract speakers.

Puyallup Fair – Eric Holcomb will speak with Greg Smith (from the Boeing Employees Coin Club) on Sunday about serving as the new Puyallup Fair Hobby Hall coin table coordinator. [It appears that Greg will accept the position with assistance from other BECC members.]

"Have Fun" was the word from outgoing PNNA President Larry Gaye!

The meeting was adjourned at 6:44 PM by newly installed President Lisa Loos.

Minutes recorded by secretary Eric Holcomb.