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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
23 August 2008, North Bend, Washington

Members in Attendance: Lisa Loos, President; Danny Bisgaard, Vice President; Michael Labosier, Secretary; Scott Loos, Treasurer; Larry Gaye, Past President; Richard Billings, Director; Del Cushing, Director; Craig Korstad, Director; William McKivor, Director; Gawain O’Connor, Director; David Ownbey, Director. Members Absent: Rob Anglemier, Director; Steve Cox, Director; Mark Gruner, Dealer-Director; Eric Holcomb, Director, Editor, Webmaster; Michael Sanders, Director; Bruce Wonder, Director.

The board meeting was called to order by President Lisa Loos at 12:30 p.m. Lisa welcomed the new officers and directors, and introduced guests. The calendar of board meetings was reviewed, with four meetings planned for each year: 1) at the January Boeing Show, 2) at the Tukwila convention, 3) a summer meeting, 4) at the Portland fall convention. Lisa presented the current meeting agenda. A motion by Larry Gaye to approve the meeting agenda was seconded by Bill McKivor and passed.

A motion to approve the April 5, 2008 board minutes as published was made by Scott Loos, seconded by Bill McKivor, and passed.

Mike Labosier noted for the minutes that a motion by Scott Loos and seconded by Eric Holcomb to appropriate $200 to fund awards for a special Oregon-themed exhibit class at the ANA National Money Show in Portland (March 2009) had been approved by the board via email vote in July. The objective is to tie into the “Oregon 150” celebration, commemorating the 150th anniversary of Oregon statehood.

Scott Loos presented the Treasurer’s report. The PNNA currently holds a total of $59,606 in various bank accounts and CDs. A motion by David Ownbey to accept the Treasurer’s report was seconded by Bill McKivor and passed.

Convention Committee Report – Scott Loos reported on the financial results of the April 2008 Tukwila convention and discussed preparations for the October convention to be held in Portland. To increase the visibility of exhibits at the Portland convention, the exhibit tables will be moved next to the ANA table. Scott then reviewed planning for the 2009 convention, which will again be held in Tukwila. There was a discussion of convention costs, and of various services that are either paid for by the PNNA or provided by sponsoring clubs or other volunteers. The Olympia Coin Club will run the hospitality suite at the 2009 Tukwila convention. Dealer table fees have continued to increase, and this was discussed along with the possibility of increasing charges to dealers for “Early Bird” badges. It was decided to continue the discussion of “Early Bird” fees at a later date. In 2009, Tukwila convention dealers will be admitted for setup at 8:00 a.m. (and possibly earlier) on Friday, with “Early Bird” badge holders admitted at 9:00 a.m. Dick Billings will serve as General Chairman and Mike Labosier volunteered to serve as Assistant General Chairman.

Exhibit Committee Report – Scott Loos presented to the board a written exhibit committee report prepared by Eric Holcomb, who was unable to attend. Plans for exhibits at the October convention, and for the ANA National Money Show to be held in Portland next March were reviewed. A June exhibit seminar had been held in Portland, with another planned for October. Scott proposed a motion that $100 be appropriated for exhibit awards at the October Portland convention. The motion was seconded by Danny Bisgaard and passed by the board. Also discussed were plans for the special “Oregon 150” exhibit class, commemorating Oregon’s 150th anniversary of statehood, at the March 2009 ANA show.

Outreach Committee Report – Scott Loos and Del Cushing reported on PNNA’s longstanding participation at the Puyallup Fair’s Hobby Hall. While the time commitment is large to cover time slots throughout the Fair’s run, our table attracts considerable interest from the public each year. Member clubs staff many of the required shifts at the Fair. Greg Smith of the Boeing Employees Coin Club is the volunteer coordinator.

Token Congress – Bill McKivor reported on the upcoming British Token Congress to be held in Seattle in May 2009. This very special event is modeled after an annual Congress held in the United Kingdom, and is jointly sponsored by the PNNA and the Conder Token Collectors Club.

Old Business – Del Cushing reported that storage racks for the display case storage locker have not yet been purchased. Scott Loos updated the board on plans and preparations for the March 2009 ANA show in Portland. The show will be co-sponsored by the PNNA and the Willamette Coin Club. Scott will serve as Bourse Chair for the event. The design of the commemorative medal for the Portland show has been decided, and illustrations of the design were distributed to the board. Scott proposed a motion that $6,000 be authorized to cover PNNA’s share of production costs for the medals. Craig Korstad seconded the motion, which was then passed by the board. The proceeds of the sales will be split between the PNNA and the Willamette Coin Club. Volunteers will be needed at the show, and anyone interested can contact John Wasserman or any member of the PNNA board.

New Business – Lisa Loos led a discussion of the benefits of purchasing a second digital (PowerPoint) projector to help promote educational numismatic presentations. The club currently owns a projector that is stored in Oregon and shipped to Seattle as needed. The board discussed the value of keeping a second projector in Seattle, with the cost expected to be recovered over time through savings in shipping costs that would otherwise be incurred. Bill McKivor proposed a motion to authorize the expenditure of up to $1,000 to purchase a digital (PowerPoint) projector to be kept in Seattle for local use. Scott seconded the motion, which was approved by the board.

The board then discussed a proposal to let member clubs use the PNNA’s display cases for free. This would be an accommodation to member clubs, enhancing the value of their membership in the PNNA. It was suggested that to manage this properly, sign out forms would be needed to document and track the cases loaned out. Del Cushing and David Ownbey agreed to draft an agreement/contract form for the board’s review prior to a final vote at the October board meeting in Portland.

President Lisa Loos presented a list of committees for the 2008 – 2010 term and discussed the focus and responsibilities of each committee. In this context, Lisa solicited ideas about how the PNNA can best serve the club/collector community through the next two years. A number of ideas were discussed, including better promotion of seminar attendance, staffing a table at shows to explain grading and answer general questions, club outreach possibilities, and sponsorship of exhibit seminars. Numismatic theater ideas were discussed, including a session on current “hot topics” in numismatics, new counterfeit threats, etc. There also was interest in obtaining statistics on website hits for the various PNNA site pages and sections.

Each board member was asked to serve on two committees of their choice. Some members made their selections during the meeting. Lisa asked the others to follow up with her as to their preferences and noted that she will make assignments for those board members who do not make timely selections.

Next discussed was the possibility of having a membership meeting during the Portland convention each year to supplement the annual membership meeting held during the Tukwila convention. There was general support for the idea, but scheduling and a starting point for this has not been determined.

Copies of the PNNA Constitution and By-Laws (revised 4/3/1999) were distributed to all board members. Lisa suggested that each board member read these and notify her of any points of discussion, suggestions for revision, etc.

There being no further agenda items, Lisa thanked the members for their attendance and participation and adjourned the meeting at 3:40 p.m.

There will be a PNNA Board meeting at the Portland fall convention on Saturday, October 18 following the 6:00 PM bourse closing. The meeting will likely take place at the DoubleTree Inn. See Lisa or Scott Loos at the convention for more information.

– Michael Labosier, Secretary