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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
18 October 2008, Portland, Oregon

The meeting was held at the Lloyd Center DoubleTree Inn in conjunction with the PNNA-Willamette Coin Club fall convention and coin show.

The board meeting was called to order by President Lisa Loos at 6:20 p.m. Lisa welcomed the directors and introduced guests.

Members in Attendance: Lisa Loos, President; Danny Bisgaard, Vice President; Michael Labosier, Secretary; Scott Loos, Treasurer; Rob Anglemier, Director; Del Cushing, Director; Larry Gaye, Past President; Mark Gruner, Dealer-Director; Eric Holcomb, Director, Editor, Webmaster; Craig Korstad, Director; David Ownbey, Director; Michael Sanders, Director; Bruce Wonder, Director.

Members Absent: Richard Billings, Director; Steve Cox, Director; William McKivor, Director; Gawain O’Connor, Director.

Guests in Attendance: Jerry Bobbe, Bob Busby, Mark Emtman, Owen Gruner, Walter Ostromecki, John Wasserman, Gene Wiley.

A motion by Scott Loos to approve the August 23, 2008 board minutes as published was seconded by Danny Bisgaard and passed. Mike Labosier reported that the PNNA has earned 5 Bonus Bucks to spend at the ANA MoneyMarket Store. Mike will hold the certificate until a use is determined.

Scott Loos presented the Treasurer’s report and Mark Gruner moved to accept. The motion was seconded by Craig Korstad and approved by the board.

Walter Ostromecki, an ANA Governor, presented an ANA update. Discussed were current initiatives of the board, including the establishment of an education chair, budget streamlining, and reorganization efforts. On behalf of the ANA Board of Governors and ANA President Barry Stuppler, Walter presented Lisa Loos and Eric Holcomb with presidential certificates of appreciation in recognition of their outstanding contributions to numismatics.

Larry Gaye gave a report on the fall convention/coin show that was underway. The dealers reported mixed results for the first day of the show. Larry noted that it was the easiest show setup ever, with display cases, lamps, and tables well organized and allocated. There were 325 attendees on the show’s first day, and 35 participants in the YN activities. Scott Loos added that the bourse was sold out and that there were two empty tables from dealers who registered but did not show up. As a planning point for future shows, Larry led a discussion of Ralph Solomon’s idea for radio advertising.

Eric Holcomb reported on exhibits. Beyond the current show activities, Eric continues his work to encourage exhibits at the 2009 ANA National Money Show in Portland. The exhibits (application) deadline for that show is February 1, 2009. Eric will promote exhibiting primarily through the clubs.

Lisa reported on the success of the PNNA’s booth at the Puyallup Fair’s hobby hall and thanked those who donated their time to staff the booth.

Several old business issues were then reviewed. The display case check-out agreement form is not yet ready. The agreement will allow up to 40 cases for free club use and will address liability issues. Cases will be physically inspected as they are issued out and checked back in. David Ownbey committed to have a draft available by mid-November. The agreement will be reviewed by a lawyer prior to being placed into use. Scott reported that the PowerPoint (digital) projector previously approved by the board for use in Seattle would be purchased by mid-November. Scott also provided an update on plans for the Portland ANA show. Planning is going well for the March show, and the commemorative medals are now available for sale.

Lisa then reviewed the committee assignments and urged the committee chairs to forward information to Eric for the PNNA web site. The Outreach Committee Chairman position remains to be filled. Lisa noted this position would primarily serve in a coordination role. The Board will also be looking for someone to take over the job of mailing the club’s Nor’wester newsletter. Del Cushing will send out the next two editions, and then pass the baton after many years of handling this important duty.

Eric discussed the possibility of a special edition of The Nor’wester for the March ANA show. It would need to be drafted by early February. This is still under discussion—no decision was reached.

There being no further agenda items, Lisa thanked the members for their attendance and participation and adjourned the meeting at 7:15 p.m.

Michael Labosier, Secretary, Recording