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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
17 January 2009, Kent, Washington

The meeting was held at the Kent Commons in conjunction with the Boeing Employees Coin Club annual coin show.

Members in Attendance:

Lisa Loos, President; Danny Bisgaard, Vice President; Michael Labosier, Secretary; Scott Loos, Treasurer; Rob Anglemier, Director; Richard Billings, Director; Del Cushing, Director; Mark Gruner, Dealer-Director; William McKivor, Director; Gawain O’Connor, Director; Bruce Wonder, Director.

Members Absent:

Steve Cox, Director; Larry Gaye, Past President; Eric Holcomb, Director, Editor, Webmaster; Craig Korstad, Director; David Ownbey, Director; Michael Sanders, Director.

Guests in Attendance:

Sonja Bisgaard; Debra O’Connor; John Enges; Bill Roarke; John Wasserman; Greg Smith; Owen Gruner.

The board meeting was called to order by President Lisa Loos at 5:15 p.m. Lisa welcomed the directors and introduced guests.

Scott Loos presented the Treasurer’s report. Club revenues for 2008 totaled $48,295 and expenses were $38,481. At December 31, 2008 the club had cash balances of $60,860, most of it invested in money market accounts and certificates of deposit. Mark Gruner moved to accept the Treasurer’s report; the motion was seconded by Bruce Wonder and approved by the board.

The minutes of the October 18, 2008 meeting were then reviewed by the board and minor changes and corrections were noted. A motion to approve the minutes as amended was made by Danny Bisgaard, seconded by Scott Loos and approved by the board.

Mike Labosier then reported on correspondence received by the club since the last meeting. An introductory letter had been received from the Sales Manager of the Best Western Cascadia Inn in Everett, promoting the hotel as a possible venue for future shows in the Everett area. Mike will keep this information on file for future reference.

The board next discussed nominations for American Numismatic Association (ANA) board of governor positions. The club had received nomination forms from three ANA candidates who asked for support from the club and/or individual ANA members. Scott led a discussion of the backgrounds of the candidates. The board approved PNNA nominations as follows: Clifford Mishler for ANA President (motion by Del Cushing, seconded by Bill McKivor), Joe Boling for ANA Governor (motion by Scott Loos, seconded by Bill McKivor), and Walt Ostromecki for ANA Governor (motion by Scott Loos, seconded by Mark Gruner).

Next, two items of old business were discussed. Del presented for review and approval the display case rental and return agreement. The agreement form covers both the free rental available to PNNA member clubs for club sponsored shows, and the rental fee arrangement for cases used in commercial dealer shows. One wording correction to the agreement form was noted. With that change, Scott moved to accept the agreement form. Bill McKivor seconded the motion and the board approved.

Scott then reported on the second item of old business—the purchase of a digital projector for use in the Seattle area. An Optima projector has been purchased, for a total cost of $1,036 including a case, and has been placed into service. It was suggested that a rental agreement form may be needed for the projector, as has now been approved for display case rentals. Scott agreed to draft an agreement to be used as the projector is checked out.

Committee Reports were then presented by the committee chairs or their designees:

Membership – Lisa reported that David Ownbey will no longer be able to serve as committee chair due to health reasons. Lisa will recruit a successor. Craig Korstad is working on membership cards to be sent to all PNNA members. The membership committee is also planning to prepare a one page flyer to highlight the benefits of membership. In answer to a question about the annual dues billings, the board was informed that Rachel Irish is currently sending out dues notices for 2009 to prior year members who have not yet renewed their memberships.

Education – Scott discussed ideas to sponsor seminars that would be available to members. Seminars run in conjunction with the ANA are a possibility, but would be expensive. A one day symposium with various speakers is also a possibility. Whatever is decided, the plan is to have educational events in Portland as well as in Seattle. Scott asked that anyone with ideas for suggested topics to please contact him. The PNNA will have numismatic theater offerings at the Tukwila convention. Doug Mudd, the ANA curator will be among the speakers. Gawain O’Connor is coordinating the program.

Convention – Scott gave an update on the ANA National Money Show to be held in Portland in March. The PNNA and Willamette Coin Club are co-sponsors of the event, and Scott will serve as general chairman. Scott called for volunteers to help with the show. Dick Billings reported on the upcoming preparations for the PNNA’s April convention in Tukwila. Dick serves as the general chairman, and Mike Labosier will assist him this year. It is planned that Mike will become general chairman for the 2010 convention. Dick and Mike will arrange for security coverage, caterers, and ask the Mayor of Tukwila to speak at the convention opening. The Tukwila utilities department will also be alerted to the event so that our direction signs to the convention are left in place. All bourse tables for the 2009 event have been sold.

Election – Bill McKivor reviewed the committee’s responsibilities. These include handling the balloting, but also identifying candidates who are interested, qualified, and willing to devote time to board service. Bill plans to work with the membership and publication committees and others to help find candidates. The board discussed Bill’s ideas, agreeing that getting an early start in identifying possible candidates would be helpful. As part of the recruiting efforts, Bill suggested that a one page information sheet be drafted to explain the board’s responsibilities and the positive impact of the PNNA on the hobby in the northwest. Also discussed were ways to improve voter turnout. Suggestions included providing short biographies of the candidates in the ballot materials, and considering some sort of incentive for members to return their ballots. Incentives might include being entered in a drawing to win a cash award or other prize.

Publication – Lisa presented a report from Eric Holcomb, who was unable to attend. Eric plans to produce a special edition of The Nor’wester for the ANA show in Portland. Tracking statistics show the PNNA’s website attracting over 450 page views per day. Any ideas for changes or enhancements to the website should be directed to Eric. Bill McKivor volunteered to take over the job of mailing The Nor’wester from Del Cushing, who has handled this important duty for many years.

Awards – Danny Bisgaard reported on efforts to publicize and identify candidates for various honors awarded by the PNNA, including the Bob Everett Memorial, Nina Nystrom Numismatic Ambassador, and special Presidential awards. The deadline for nominations is March 15. Also being promoted are the adult and YN scholarships to attend the ANA Summer Seminar. Articles were placed in the most current edition of The Nor’wester, and Danny will be publicizing the awards and soliciting nominations as he visits member clubs.

Exhibit – Lisa also presented this report on behalf of Eric Holcomb. The immediate focus of the committee continues to be promoting exhibits at the March ANA convention in Portland. Eric also will be working to generate interest in exhibiting at the spring and fall PNNA conventions. An article promoting exhibits and including Eric’s contact information was included in the first quarter 2009 edition of The Nor’wester.

Outreach – A chairperson is still being sought to head this committee. In the interim, Lisa reviewed outreach efforts underway, and thanked those contributing to these programs. James Reinders serves as PNNA’s representative for Boy Scout and Girl Scout outreach, and Greg Smith coordinates the PNNA’s annual presence at the Puyallup Fair’s Hobby Hall. The YN (Young Numismatist) coordinator position is currently open.

Two other matters were then briefly discussed. Scott reported that the PNNA traditionally has contributed $50 to support each ANA show. Since the PNNA is a co-sponsor of the upcoming ANA show in Portland, the board was asked to consider raising that amount in this case. After some discussion, it was decided to leave the contribution at $50 given the volunteer help and other support the PNNA will be providing as a co-sponsor.

Lastly, Bill McKivor reported on the upcoming Token Convention, to be held in Seattle in May. Plans are proceeding well, with the number of registered attendees slightly below target at this point. Bill noted that he will need the projector and likely will use some of the club’s display cases. Some logistical arrangements are still in process, and Bill is asking that registered participants send in their payments.

There being no further agenda items, Lisa thanked the members for their attendance and participation and adjourned the meeting at 6:35 p.m.

Michael Labosier, Secretary, Recording