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Minutes of PNNA board meeting
16 January 2010, Kent, Washington

The meeting was held at the Kent Commons in conjunction with the Boeing Employees Coin Club annual coin show.

Members in Attendance: Lisa Loos, President; Danny Bisgaard, Vice President; Michael Labosier, Secretary; Scott Loos, Treasurer; Rob Anglemier, Director; Del Cushing, Director; Mark Gruner, Dealer-Director; William McKivor, Director; Bruce Wonder, Director.

Members Absent: Steve Cox, Director; Larry Gaye, Past President; Eric Holcomb, Director, Editor, Webmaster; Craig Korstad, Director; Gawain O’Connor, Director; David Ownbey, Director; Michael Sanders, Director.

Guests in Attendance: Richard Billings, John Enges, Dan Vornbrock, Jon Wasserman.

The board meeting was called to order by President Lisa Loos at 5:25 p.m. Lisa welcomed the directors and introduced guests, who are noted above.

Mike Labosier called for any changes or corrections to the minutes of the October 24, 2009 board meeting as published in the First Quarter 2010 edition of The Nor’wester. No changes were reported and the minutes were approved (Scott/Danny). Mike had no club correspondence to report.

Scott Loos presented the Treasurer’s report. Club revenues for calendar year 2009 totaled $50,315 and expenses were $52,779. At December 31, the club held cash balances of $58,396, mostly in CDs and a money market account. Fund balances also totaled $58,396, with $46,946 of that in the general fund. The Treasurer’s report was accepted by the board (Bruce/Mark).

Committee Reports:

Election — Bill reported that ten candidates will be on the ballot in the upcoming Board of Directors election. Candidates will be presented for all officer and open board positions. The election ballots will be mailed by late February, separate from other PNNA mailings. Bill asked that any board candidates who had not yet forwarded to him a brief biography should do so soon, so those statements can be included in the election materials.

Membership – Lisa reported that the new tri-fold membership flyer would be ready for distribution at the Tukwila Annual Convention in April.

Publication – Lisa read a report from Eric, who was unable to attend. Eric will be producing a 16-page convention special edition of The Nor’wester in March. He suggested that we consider packaging 200 copies of this edition in large envelopes, along with other handouts and flyers for distribution at the Tukwila convention. The board discussed the free e-mail membership offer with paid admission to the Tukwila show and decided to continue the promotion through this year’s show. At the summer meeting, the board will evaluate the effectiveness of this approach to recruiting new PNNA members. Eric has now converted most of the PNNA website using Microsoft Expression Web software. He will continue to work on enhancements and new features. Lastly, Eric asked that committee chairs forward to him updated 2010 committee statements for use on the website.

Education – Scott described a new educational offering being developed by the ANA which would enable the PNNA to co-sponsor one day sessions at a cost to participants of $149. With this type of program, the PNNA would be responsible for the location arrangements and room rental, and the ANA would cover the speaker’s fee and costs, supplies, advertising, registrations, and credit card processing. Partnering with the ANA would enable us to tap services the ANA is better able to provide, and would give us access to more expert speakers. We would also benefit from the ANA’s advice as to hot topics likely to attract enough attendees to make the programs worthwhile. Grading and authentication sessions currently tend to be popular. The board then discussed whether one day or two day sessions should be considered and the relative merits of scheduling the programs close to our larger regional shows or at other times. The board approved a motion (Mark/Bill) directing Scott to proceed with planning for a one day session in the Seattle area, to be co-sponsored with the ANA and offered as a stand-alone session (not scheduled close to a show) in the late summer or early fall of 2010.

Convention – Mike reported that he has compiled the first draft of a comprehensive checklist he will use in planning the details of this year’s Annual Convention in Tukwila, scheduled for April 16–18. Mike served as Assistant General Chairman of last year’s show and will serve as General Chairman this year, succeeding Dick Billings who had served in that role for many years. Mike will be corresponding and meeting with Scott and Dick as needed to complete the arrangements for this year’s convention.

Scott will again serve as bourse chair, and reported that the bourse applications had been sent to dealers. ANA Governor Walt Ostromecki will attend to run the YN activities, as he has for the past several years. Scott also noted that the State of Washington is considering revoking the sales tax exemption for numismatic items, which has been in force for about 25 years. A state dealers group is lobbying for the exemption to be maintained, but the PNNA is precluded from such activities due to its not-for-profit status. A repeal of the exemption could impair the attractiveness of Washington State for coin shows, so we will follow this closely.

Awards/Scholarships — Danny reported that nominations for the various awards and scholarships offered by the PNNA are being solicited via The Nor’wester and at coin club meetings. Danny then suggested that the board consider increasing the amount of the PNNA’s scholarships to the ANA’s Summer Seminar, at least for the YN awards, given the recent increase in the room and board costs of that program. After some discussion, the board approved a motion (Danny/Del) that the PNNA’s YN scholarship amount be increased to $1,500 and that the adult scholarship be held at the current $1,000.

Exhibits — Lisa presented a brief report from Eric. He will revise the 2009 exhibit application for 2010 and post it on the PNNA website. We expect to use the same room at the Tukwila convention as last year for exhibits. Lisa will find out if Larry Rowe will serve as Exhibit Chairman this year.

Outreach — Lisa reported that this year’s National Coin Week will be April 18-24. She will ask Greg Smith if he will head up our Puyallup Fair Hobby Hall participation again this year. James Reinders will continue to coordinate our Scout clinic activities.

There being no further business, the board approved a motion to adjourn at 6:15 p.m. (Del/Rob).

Michael Labosier, Secretary, Recording