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This page provides a summary of news headlines appearing on the PNNA home page.

PNNA qualifies for IRS non-profit status The PNNA qualified in 2004 as an IRS 501c(3) non-profit educational association. The status is retroactive to 18 June 1965, the date of the PNNA's incorporation in Oregon. Contributions to the PNNA are now tax deductible. Please contact the treasurer for more information.

PNNA Now Accepts PayPal! The PNNA is pleased to accept PayPal on-line payments for membership dues and advertising. With PayPal, you can easily register and make credit card and e-check payments to participating merchants, or pay using funds already in your PayPal account. See the membership form for convenient payment links. Due to significant credit card fees, the PNNA will not be accepting PayPal payments for convention bourse fees.

June-August 2004 American Medallic Sculpture Association (AMSA) story.


StPatrick_obv_50.jpg (52013 bytes)StPatrick_rev_50.jpg (52938 bytes)March 17, 2003 In honor of Saint Patrick's day, we show here a Saint Patrick Farthing, manufactured c. 1670-1675, and brought to America from Ireland in 1681 by Mark Newby. John M. Griffee of Ocala, Florida is writing a book on St. Patrick coinage. For more information, see our Photo Gallery of U.S. Colonials.

February 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia memorial page.


March 2, 2002 Boy Scouts annual Merit Badge Fair for the Cascade District.


September 20, 2001 Willamette Coin Club Contributes to Relief Efforts.

September 11, 2001 Numismatic Remembrance of National Tragedies.

January 1, 2001 The PNNA welcomed the official start of the 3rd millennium A.D. For over 2,500 years humankind has used the medium of medallic art both for money and to commemorate important persons, places and events. There is every reason to believe that our fascination with using and collecting numismatic items - medallic or otherwise - will continue well into the 3rd millennium. Join us and share in the enjoyment of this great hobby!