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The Nor'wester

See special feature, "Who were the original Nor'westers?"

The PNNA newsletter, The Nor'wester, is published quarterly. The Nor'wester is edited/published by Eric Holcomb and mailed by Danny Bisgaard.

See Nor'wester online editions. Editions of The Nor'wester from 1997 to date are available to view as PDF files.

Much of the content of The Nor'wester is also available separately on this web site. See:

Deadline for submission of material for The Nor'wester (unless otherwise announced):

  • December 15 for the 1st Quarter edition

  • March 15 for the 2nd Quarter convention special edition

  • June 15 for the 3rd Quarter edition

  • September 15 for the 4th Quarter edition convention special edition

Call Eric Holcomb at (541) 647-1021, or e-mail to or

Advertising rates (per issue) for PNNA members are:
Ad Size Regular Issue
(black & white)
Convention Issue
(black & white)
Convention Issue
1 column inch; no oversized text $4.00 $5.00 n/a
(business card) $7.50 n/a $10.00
(1/8-page) $7.50 $10.00 $12.50
(1/6-page) $10.00 $12.50 $15.00
(1/4-page) $15.00 $18.00 $20.00
(1/2-page) $25.00 $30.00 $35.00
Full page $45.00 $50.00 $60.00
Full page back cover n/a n/a $100.00
Centerfold (two full pages) n/a n/a $200.00
All available advertising space (including cover/centerfold) subject to prior reservation. Please ask.

Advertising rates on this web site (per year) for PNNA members are:
1-line web site listing on member links page Free
$10.00 (business card size display ad on the sponsors page)
Non-members: please add $10.00 for annual dues.

Send ad copy to Eric Holcomb, and payment to PNNA treasurer Scott Loos.

Classified advertising appears only in The Nor'wester. Business card size display ads of a general nature (i.e., not listing a specific numismatic item or items) are available on the sponsors page for $10.00 annually to PNNA members.