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President's Message 2008
by PNNA Past President Lisa Loos

4th Quarter 2008

I hope everybody had a great summer! Just because the weather is cooling off, doesn’t mean the PNNA is. The PNNA has been busy the last part of the summer with final details of the upcoming (October) Willamette Coin Club/PNNA convention in Portland, the first board meeting for the new officers and directors, the presence at the Puyallup Fair and, finally, ongoing plans for the ANA National Money Show™ in Portland, March 13-15, 2009.

First, the show committee has been busy with final preparations for the 2008 WCC/PNNA Convention, October 17-19 at the Doubletree Portland Lloyd Center. Again, the show is completely sold out so no doubt we will all be able to find that missing piece for our collections. While you are perusing the floor, please make sure you visit the exhibit area. Topics are always varied and interesting.

Secondly, we had a very productive board meeting in August. The committees have been formed, and the committee members will be listed on the website within the next few weeks. Please read the minutes published in this edition of The Nor’Wester, to see the early accomplishments of the board.

Third, a HUGE THANK YOU to Greg Smith, Puyallup Fair Coordinator, for all his work and dedication that is needed to organize this effort. Of course, the event could not happen without all the volunteers. Thank you to all who gave their time to staff the booth in the Hobby Hall. Scott and I manned the table for the early shift one Saturday, and were two and three people deep the entire time!

Finally, preparations are going well for the upcoming ANA National Money Show™ in Portland. We will have a special “Oregon 150” exhibit award celebrating Oregon’s statehood. Also, the convention medal design is in production and will be available for sale at the October WCC/PNNA Convention. {Look for the design on the PNNA website in the near future.}

See you in October!!!!

3rd Quarter 2008

Welcome to the 2008-2010 PNNA board. At the Tukwila convention, new officers and board were inducted to lead the PNNA the next 2 years. I am pleased to announce that we have a great board for the 2008-2010 term that will represent the PNNA very well. Installed were Danny Bisgaard as Vice-President, Michael Labosier as Secretary, and Scott Loos will continue as Treasurer. The board consists of 8 returning directors as well as the addition of Craig Korstad and David Ownbey. Mark Gruner will continue his stint on the board this term as Dealer-Director. I thank all of you for your dedication to the hobby and to your service to the PNNA. I need to say a very BIG thank you to Past-President Larry Gaye for his leadership the last 4 years. Thanks for the ride, Larry. [Note: per PNNA bylaw Article IV, Section 2, the immediate past president remains a board member. See the complete list of PNNA officers and directors.]

The Spring PNNA convention was held this past April. As usual there was a flurry of activity and informative Numismatic Theater presentations. The show continues to be an outstanding venue and many thanks to all the volunteers that make it happen. A special thank-you needs to go out to the King County Coin Club for serving as host club and to the Boeing Employees Coin Club for assisting with the YN treasure hunt.

When new leadership arrives, it is inevitable that changes will occur. I am in the process of re-organizing the many committees that make up the PNNA. My goal is to have committees in place by end of July. Once committees have been formed and chairpersons assigned, please look on the website for committee chairs.

Whether you are a collector, dealer, or club, we are here for you. Remember, we are all PNNA members and need to work together to make the organization strong. Please let me know directly with your ideas and concerns.

Have a great SUMMER. If your plans involve traveling, please be safe.

President's Message
by PNNA Past President Larry Gaye

Gaye_50.jpg (8666 bytes)2nd Quarter 2008

Hello Everyone, This has been a busy quarter for many in the PNNA, member clubs, and lastly me. I left on March 4th for the ANA National Money Show in Phoenix, March 7-9 for my usual stint as a volunteer. Sounds like fun and it certainly was. I can’t tell you how much I get out of the ANA aspect of my life as a collector and a club member of two very active clubs.

One of the many things I did was man the future convention table to help promote the 2009 National Money Show in Portland, a joint effort not only of the Willamette Coin Club and PNNA but also member clubs all over the Northwest. At the Phoenix show Larry Rowe, Scott & Lisa Loos, Jon Wasserman and others sang the praises of the Northwest in a formal setting devoted to the future conventions of the ANA. I know Jon has been busy buttonholing folks in Seattle and Portland to be volunteers for 2009, when he gives the call, answer it; I guarantee you will have fun.

On another note I had the pleasure of attending the New York International show in January. It was my first time there and what a show for collectors of world and ancient coins. It is the largest gathering of this group in the US, as well as a real treat to see all the folks from across the pond (the Atlantic Ocean) coming to the US to bring fresh material into our market. I also visited the American Numismatic Society and had a wonderful time with my host Robert Hoge. It was truly a wonderful opportunity to meet and visit with staff of the ANS, I was immediately at home. Between auction lot viewing at Spink America, and viewing Conder Tokens in the ANS collection I was in hog heaven though my eyesight was a bit challenged.

The next major event on my calendar will be our own PNNA Convention in Tukwila on April 4-6. As always Scott and Lisa and the rest of the crew have outdone themselves. The next time you see the committee make sure you say thanks for all of their work, they deserve it. For them their usual is extraordinary and a wonderful gift for all of us to enjoy.

See you in Tukwila,

1st Quarter 2008

Happy New Year to all of you! Suzanne and I hope you had a wonderful and sane Christmas and Holiday Season.

The Local Committee of the 2009 ANA National Money Show™ to be held in Portland in March 2009 had its initial meeting. The committee under Scott Loos as General Chairman will be fleshing out the job assignments for the various committee heads comprised of members of the two host clubs, The Willamette Coin Club and The PNNA.

As this is just the beginning, much work remains to be accomplished; what makes this totally worthwhile is that the work is one heck of a lot of fun. When you consider it, the preparation for and nature of ANA conventions and money shows is like a cruise. It’s not always the destination you remember the most but the people you meet along the way.

The really fun part is you are invited to come along on the trip, there’s plenty of room on this cruise ship. Committee chairs are looking for folks to serve on their committees — there is plenty of opportunity to go around and many ways to participate whether you are aboard for one day or the entire voyage. How much time you want to commit is up to you ... a few hours or the whole trip!

For those of you who have done this before in 1998 and 2004, or are ANA National Volunteers, you know what I’m talking about. The action and joy of meeting with your fellow numis-junkies from around the country and the world is indescribable. There are so many activities, coins to look at and people to see you can’t go wrong. As a local volunteer you will have unprecedented access to the convention floor, opportunity to work with folks you have read about in the numismatic press, and get to know them on a personal level.

Here is a list of the committees, their chairpersons and how to contact them. Take a look and select your tour guide and ports of call on your cruise to and final destination of the 2009 ANA National Money Show in Portland.

Your fellow numismatists from Oregon and Washington make up the committee. Join us on the cruise, an event you will always remember — your cabin has been reserved! See you soon!