PNNA 3rd Q 2016 Nor’wester

Greetings, and thank you for your interest in the PNNA!

The 3rd Quarter 2016 edition of the PNNA’s publication, The Nor’wester, is available online at
This is a 10-page regular edition. Here’s a summary of the contents:

  • Report, photos, meeting minutes and award summaries from the annual PNNA convention in Tukwila (Apr. 22-24, 2016).
  • PNNA President’s message by newly elected President James Reinders.
  • An interesting feature article, “Year 1 C.E.: The Earliest Lifetime Portrait of a Biblical Ruler” by guest author Jean-Philippe Fontanille.
  • A second feature article, “Go Big or Go Home – Is Anyone Collecting These? North and South,” by prolific author Mark Benvenuto.

Back issues are also available at

Eric Holcomb
PNNA Editor/Webmaster