The PNNA Memorabilia Catalog

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Items listed in red are not in the PNNA collection.
1974_76_brass_obv.JPG (58865 bytes)1974_76_brass_rev.JPG (56669 bytes)1976
C1976-01 brass medal, 30 mm, overstamped "76" on the 1974 convention medal.
C1976-02 same except with the "7" and "6" stamped separately on the left and right hand sides of "P.N.N.A."
31st Annual Convention, Seattle, Washington, May 14-16, 1976
1976_button_obv.JPG (57236 bytes)1976_arb_rev.JPG (80338 bytes)1976
C1976-03 button with encased postage stamp, 56 mm
31st Annual Convention
Seattle Hyatt House, 17001 Pacific Highway South
Seattle, Washington, May 14-16, 1976
The reverses of these buttons come with five different Bicentennial postage stamps (also see below).
1976_army_rev.JPG (78702 bytes)1976_marines_rev.JPG (80558 bytes)1976_militia_rev.JPG (79747 bytes)1976_navy_rev.JPG (84906 bytes)1976
C1976-04 to -07
Other reverses of the button shown above. (Army, Marines, Militia, Navy)
C1976-08a, b, c, d Matchbooks, double width; gold, silver (shown here), copper, dark green
C1976-09a, b, c, d Matchbooks, standard width; gold, silver, copper, dark green

31st Annual Convention (as above)
C1976-10 Leather souvenir,
2-5/8 x 6-1/8 inches
31st Annual Convention (as above)
C1976-11 Card stock souvenir (uniface), 2-1/2 x 4-1/4 inches
31st Annual Convention (as above)
Note that the Seattle Coin Club was celebrating its 40th anniversary (see C1976-10) while the nation was celebrating its Bicentennial.
1977_wood_obv.JPG (90677 bytes)1977_wood_rev.JPG (92951 bytes)1977
C1977-01 wooden dollar, 38 mm
32nd Annual Convention
Longview-Kelso, Washington, May 13-15, 1977