The PNNA Memorabilia Catalog

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1996_wood_obv.JPG (70214 bytes)1996_wood_rev.JPG (67861 bytes)1996
C1996-01 wooden nickel, 39 mm
47th Annual Convention, Portland, Oregon, April 5-6, 1996.
Color: purple. This piece is a slight error in the sense that the layout of the lettering (going around in a complete circle) was only intended as a draft, but was used for the actual wooden nickel without modification.
1996_plastic_obv.JPG (27195 bytes)1996_plastic_rev.JPG (29468 bytes)1996
C1996-02 plastic injection molded piece, 33 mm
47th Annual Convention, Portland, Oregon, April 5-6, 1996.
This "Easter Bunny" piece was issued by the Willamette Coin Club, the host club for the 1995-2000 PNNA conventions. The conventions were held the Friday and Saturday before Easter each year at Lloyd Center.
1997_wood_obv.JPG (62376 bytes)1997_wood_rev.JPG (65116 bytes)1997
C1997-01 wooden nickel, 38.5 mm
48th Annual Convention
Portland, Oregon, March 28-29, 1997.
Colors: black (obverse), black and green (reverse).
1998_wood_obv.JPG (66565 bytes)1998_wood_rev.JPG (62358 bytes)1998
C1998-01 wooden nickel, 38 mm
49th Annual Convention
Portland, Oregon, April 10-11, 1998.
Colors: green (obverse), black and green (reverse).
1998ana_wood1_obv.JPG (66551 bytes)1998ana_wood1_rev.JPG (67495 bytes)1998ana_wood2_obv.JPG (71901 bytes)1998ana_wood2_rev.JPG (74811 bytes)1998
ANA 107th Anniversary Convention
Portland, Oregon
August 5-9, 1998.
C1998-02 wooden nickel, 38 mm, "ANNUAL CONVENTION" error variety
C1998-03 wooden nickel, 38 mm, "ANNIVERSARY CONVENTION" variety
The PNNA served as the local host organization for the American Numismatic Association's 1998 convention in Portland, and distributed 5,000 of each of these woods as a promotion. The term "Anniversary Convention" is correct, as the ANA was founded in 1891.