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All items on this page were produced for the 2015 ANA National Money Show™
in Portland, Oregon, March 5-7, 2015.

2015 C2015-01 silver, C2015-02 copper, C2015-03 two-medal set in box/hinged case. 39 mm.
Official convention medal. The medal commemorates the ANA Portland National Money Show and features an image of Portlandia, a famous sculpture in downtown Portland. The reverse features a flying eagle and honors the "Spirit of Northwest Numismatics." See the 2nd Q 2014 edition of The Nor'wester (pp. 8-9) for more information about this medal. Final mintages: 200 silver, 520 copper including 20 edge-numbered sets, which were sold at premium prices. The regular prices were as follows: two-medal set in box $65.00, silver $45.00, copper $15.00. Made by Northwest Territorial Mint.
2015 C2015-04 Exhibitors / Judges appreciation medal. 39 mm.
One side features the Portlandia design as on the C2015-02 copper medal, and the reverse is laser-engraved with an appreciation message. Mintage: 60. Awarded in a small plastic bag. Made by Northwest Territorial Mint.
2014-2015 E2014-03 (previously C2015-05) elongated souvenirs, as a promotion for the ANA National Money Show (locally hosted by PNNA and Willamette Coin Club), Portland, Oregon, March 5-7, 2015. Hundreds of these were produced and distributed at the 2014 NMS in Atlanta, and more were distributed at the ANA World's Fair of Money in Chicago in August. They were also distributed locally, including at the PNNA/WCC fall show in 2014, and at the National Money Show itself. (This is also cataloged under elongateds, with the new "E" prefix.)
2015 C2015-06 Postcard with Oregon stamp and special Portlandia postmark similar to the medal design. (Some were autographed by Raymond J. Kaskey, sculptor of Portlandia, as shown here.)