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1955_brass_obv.JPG (76149 bytes)1955_brass_rev.JPG (80787 bytes)1955
C1955-01 copper medal, 34 mm
12th Annual Convention
Portland, Oregon, May 20-22, 1955
This medal bears portraits of Lewis and Clark and the dates 1805-1955. The mintage total was reportedly 204 medals.
1956_wood_obv.JPG (80681 bytes)1956_wood_rev.JPG (78281 bytes)1956
C1956-01 wooden nickel, 38 mm, Indian reverse
13th Annual Convention
Springfield, Oregon, May 18-20, 1956
1956_wood1_rev.JPG (81110 bytes)1956 (see below for C56-03 and -04)
C1956-02 wooden nickel, 38 mm, Buffalo rev.
C1956-02a wooden nickel, 38 mm, Buffalo rev./stars Note intentional sarcastic spelling "UNTIED" STATES OF AMERICA on both of these pieces!
C1956-03 wood, 63 mm, money bag / logger
C1956-04 souvenir envelope

1956_wood2_obv.JPG (68258 bytes)1956_wood2_rev.JPG (59995 bytes)1956_envelope_top.JPG (12050 bytes)1956_envelope_bot.JPG (16448 bytes)1956
C1956-03 wood
C1956-04 envl.

Descriptions above.
1957_plastic_obv.JPG (74974 bytes) 1957_plastic_rev.JPG (40213 bytes)
C1957-01 black plastic piece (photo above), 37 mm square
C1957-02 dark blue plastic piece (simulated appearance), 37 mm square
C1957-03 white plastic piece (simulated appearance), 37 mm square

14th Annual Convention, Portland, Oregon, May 24-26, 1957
The white piece is very rare, with only two known. The convention chairman likely owned a set.
1958 (no souvenir) 15th Annual Convention Seattle, Washington