The PNNA Memorabilia Catalog

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1969_CuNi_obv.JPG (112457 bytes)1969_CuNi_rev.JPG (102553 bytes)1969
C1969-01 white metal (probably copper-nickel) medal, 38 mm
25th Annual Convention
Eugene, Oregon, April 25-27, 1969
The host club was the Eugene Coin Club.
The reverse of this medal is once again the PNNA design.
1969_wood1c_obv.JPG (103584 bytes)1969_wood1c_rev.JPG (113970 bytes)1969_wood1p_obv.JPG (107383 bytes)1969_wood1p_rev.JPG (112545 bytes)1969
C1969-02 and -03 wooden nickels
black with colored and plain edges
38 mm
1969_wood2c_obv.JPG (101768 bytes)1969_wood2c_rev.JPG (105946 bytes)1969_wood2p_obv.JPG (99063 bytes)1969_wood2p_rev.JPG (99899 bytes)1969
C1969-04 and -05 wooden nickels
red with colored and plain edges
38 mm
1969_wood3c_obv.JPG (103573 bytes)1969_wood3c_rev.JPG (105929 bytes)1969_wood3p_obv.JPG (102604 bytes)1969_wood3p_rev.JPG (108639 bytes)1969
C1969-06 and -07 wooden nickels
green with colored and plain edges
38 mm

Explanation of 1969 wooden nickels:

  • The pieces with the colored rims were admission tickets and could be spent at dealer tables for 50 cents.
  • The pieces with the plain rims were sold in sets for souvenirs and were not used as admission tickets.
  • Note that each color corresponded to a different day of the three-day convention.