The PNNA Memorabilia Catalog

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C2003-01 wooden nickel, 38 mm
54th Annual Convention
Tukwila, Washington, April 25-27, 2003
Color: green.
2003 See article describing this design.
C2003-02 medallion resembling style of medieval coin, pewter, approx. 20 mm, thin planchet, 54th (LIV) Annual Convention,
Tukwila, Washington, April 25-27, 2003.
Hand-struck from hand-engraved dies by Greg Franck-Weiby.
500 pewter pieces were struck to hand out to paid attendees at the door. Additional pieces could be purchased for $1.00.
C2003-02a Trial strike of C2003-02 with error: the opening date of the convention was incorrectly engraved as "24" with a backwards "4". This one piece was struck in pewter before the die was re-engraved to correct the error. Traces of the "4" can still be seen on the pieces struck from the re-engraved die. Reverse same as C2003-02. PNNA collection.

C2003-03 same as above except silver; 50 struck as presentation pieces; additional examples could be purchased for $2.00. The presentation pieces were cut by a punch whereas the others were hand-cut.
C2003-04 same as above except copper; 12 struck for collector sets only.
C2003-05 same as above except gold; 12 struck for collector sets; one additional example with slightly off-center strike was to be auctioned.
Dies used to strike C2003-02 to C2003-05 medallions.
These were hand-engraved by Greg Franck-Weiby under contract to the PNNA.
They are the property of the PNNA and have not been given a catalog number.