The PNNA Memorabilia Catalog

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C2004-01 wooden nickel, 38 mm
55th Annual Convention
Tukwila, Washington, April 23-25, 2004
Color: blue.
2004 See article describing this design.
C2004-02 medallion resembling style of medieval coin, pewter, approx. 20 mm, thin planchet, 55th Annual Convention,
Tukwila, Washington, April 23-25, 2004.
Hand-struck from hand-engraved dies by Greg Franck-Weiby.
Mintage: 774+ (750 handed out to paid attendees at the door; 24 in collector sets; ? struck at convention and sold for $1).

2004 Collector set medallions: C2004-03 silver; C2004-04 copper; C2004-05 gold.
Mintages: 124+ silver, 24 copper, 12 gold. Additional silver pieces were struck at the convention.
Dies used to strike C2004-02 to C2004-05 and
C2005-02 to C2005-05 medallions.
These were hand-engraved by Greg Franck-Weiby under contract to the PNNA.
They are the property of the PNNA and have not been given a catalog number.