The PNNA Memorabilia Catalog

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All items on this page were produced for the 2009 ANA National Money Show™
in Portland, Oregon, March 13-15, 2009.

2009 C2009-01 silver, C2009-02 copper, C2009-03 two-medal set in box. 39 mm.
Official convention medal. The medal commemorates the 150th anniversary of Oregon statehood and features the Oregon Trail design as well as the Willamette Coin Club 'Minerva' design, based on the 1915 Pan-Pac $50 gold 'slug', designed by Robert Aitken. Mintage: 150 sets sold for $50 each, plus some individual copper medals. Made by Northwest Territorial Mint.
2009 C2009-04 Exhibitors / Judges appreciation medal. 39 mm.
One side is the same as the Oregon Trail / Oregon Statehood design on the C2009-02 copper medal. Mintage: 60 (approx. 15 not awarded and returned to ANA). Awarded in a small black pouch. Made by Northwest Territorial Mint.
2009 C2009-05 Screw press demo piece, featuring the draped bust from the Gallery Mint Museum reproduction of the 1796 U.S. half dime. Reverse: Portland rose. (The rose was copied from a coin type of King James I, second coinage, 1604-1619.) Pewter, 17 mm, thin planchet. Approx. mintages: 610 struck to hand out to paid attendees at the door; a few hundred struck during the coining demo at the show; several dozen handed out to "treasure trivia hunt" participants; 50 "custom mint errors."
2009 C2009-06 Medieval style cold hammered demo piece. Obverse: "creatively anachronistic" combination of the Liberty Head from the Peace Dollar (old ANA logo) and the bust of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1601) - styled on her coins Rosa sine spina - the rose without thorns. Reverse: Portland rose. Pewter, 20 mm, thin planchet. Approx. mintage: 100 to 200 struck during the demo at the show.
2009 C2009-07 hot stamped piece resembling an ancient coin. Head Side: copied from a silver stater of the Greek polis of Corinth, 350-306 BCE, substituting the ANA "lamp of knowledge" logo for the original privy mark in the field behind the head. Die engraved by Greg Franck-Weiby. Rose Side: profile opening rose bud copied from a coin of the Island of Rhodos, 167-88 BCE. Die engraved by Dave Peters. Silver, approx. 22 to 23 mm, thick planchet, weight 1/4 ounce. Approx. mintage: 75 to 80, for sale at the show for $15 each.
2009 C2009-08 medallion resembling a French medieval coin. Convention general chairman Scott Loos' personal presentation piece. The cross side was based on the 13th century French "gros tournois." The other side shows the family heraldic device of the Loos family. Silver, 25 mm. Mintage: 100 .999 silver, 4 .999 gold, awarded to committee chairs and VIP's including the ANA board.