Everett Award

Everett Award Winners

See a list of Everett award winners from 1999 (the first award) to date. This page also has information about winners who are now deceased.

Award History

Bob Everett passed away in August of 1997. He was a respected Northwest coin dealer and the owner of Classical American Coins. Bob had gained a loyal customer following by dealing in select high quality coins, mostly of the early American series. He was an avid promoter of organizations such as the Seattle Coin Club, The PNNA, Early American Coppers and the American Numismatic Association. His business practices were above reproach and always with the collector in mind. This attitude of helping the collector became apparent in his will. Bob left the bulk of his business inventory and personal collection to several charities and a few friends. The charities received several thousand dollars each. The individual collector beneficiaries received a part of the collection that would mean the most to them. German talers to one, English coins to another, stamps to one and so on. He directed in his will that his library be sold and the proceeds given over to the Seattle Coin Club.

His thoughtfulness is being returned by one individual. Late in January 1998 Tom Sheehan was contacted by a member who wished to set up a fund to remember Bob Everett and to recognize others in the Pacific Northwest who serve and promote numismatics through articles written for the PNNA newsletter, exhibiting volunteer work, etc. This anonymous gift of $1,000 was given to the PNNA to establish an annual award in Bob Everett’s name. The PNNA is the custodian of the funds and has appointed a committee to layout the criteria and to select the recipient each year. The principal is invested and cannot be touched for thirty years. The major part of the income will be used each year for a monetary award, and since some income will be retained the award should grow each year. The idea is to do more than simply offering a trophy or plaque.

The Bob Everett Memorial Fund stands at about $7,000, which provides a significant annual award to some deserving person who promotes numismatics in the Pacific Northwest. Larry Rowe, the first annual Bob Everett Memorial Award recipient, was selected by the award committee based on nominations from PNNA members, and was announced at the PNNA Convention on Saturday, April 3, 1999.

List of contributors to the Everett fund:
anonymous (seed donation), Douglas F. Bird, Jerry and Sharon Bobbe, R. B. Calkins, Jr., Sheridan Downey, John Drummey, Douglas Durasoff, Marc J. Duvall, Steve Estes PN, Inc., L. B. Fauver, Wayne R. Freese, Scott G. Grieb, Heritage Capital Corporation, A. Buell Ish, Thomas C. Hartl, Gene Henry, Henry R. Hilgard, Judy and Ken Hill, J. Eric Holcomb, Allan J. Kollar, J. Warren Long, Scott T. Loos, S. Manke, George J. Marley, Donald Marsh, Rawlin “Mac” McInelly, Midlakes Numismatics, Clifford Mishler, Dr. William J. Mitchell, David M. Natt, Rick Nelson, Christopher F. Pilliod, Gene Sanders, Inc., Seattle Coin Club, Thomas W. Sheehan, Patricia Smith/Dan Smith, Tacoma Mall Blvd. Coin and Stamp, Anthony Terranova, Inc., Fred Weinberg & Co., Inc., Kerry K Wetterstrom, Bruce D. Wonder. THANK YOU!

Checks for additional donations should be payable to the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association and sent to the treasurer.

Current Information

The past five winners of the Bob Everett Memorial Award make up the committee to select the next Everett Award winner.

The award is presented at the annual spring convention, if the honoree is present. The recipient does not have to be a member of the PNNA; he or she need only be someone who has promoted numismatics in the Pacific Northwest during the preceding calendar year.

Please send your nominations (name and achievements that merit receipt of the award) to one or more of the past award winners who make up the selection committee. In addition, nominations for the award could be sent to the PNNA awards committee, to the secretary, or to info@pnna.org for forwarding to the selection committee.

The deadline for nominations is announced at the beginning of each year. The deadline may be as early as Feb. 15 when the annual spring convention is held in March. Thanks to all of the membership for taking the time to submit nominations for this important award.

All winners receive a monetary award of up to $250 (depending on interest rates) and have their name engraved on a perpetual plaque maintained by the PNNA. Beginning in 2014, winners also receive their own personal plaque.