YearConvention CityGrand AwardC.E. “Hepp” Heppner Award
1960Salem, ORRobert J. Barkley
1961Spokane, WARoy Ceil
1962Seattle, WAClarence W. Zaar
1963Walla Walla, WAC.C. Saeman
1964Portland, ORC.C. Saeman
1965Yakama, WA{Not awarded}
1966Seattle, WA{Not awarded}
1967(No convention)
1968Spokane, WAGeorge C. Gilkison
1969Eugene, ORDon Crawford
1970Seattle, WAIrene Alexander
1971(No convention)
1972Vancouver, WA{Not awarded}
1973Spokane, WARichard E. Beach
1974Seattle, WAJoseph E. Boling
1975Pasco, WAJoseph E. Boling
1976Seattle, WAT.H. Fleming
1977Longview / Kelso, WAThomas D. Harris
1978North Vancouver, B.C.Margaret A. Sweeten
1979Spokane, WAThomas D. Harris
1980Bellingham, WAAlbert Westerhof
1981Pasco, WAJohn Patrick YoungT.O. McCann
1982Seattle, WAThomas D. HarrisNina H. Caldwell
1983-1984(No convention)
1985Seattle, WAAlbert WesterhofT.O. McCann
1986Bellevue, WAT.O. McCannJoseph E. Boling
1987Yakima, WAT.O. McCannT.O. McCann
1988Bellevue, WADick WattT.O. McCann
Exhibit Award Winners, 1960 to 1988

See notes below regarding the renaming of the Grand Award after Byron Johnson’s death.

YearByron F. Johnson AwardC.E. “Hepp” Heppner Award
1989 convention held in Bellevue, WA.
1989Dick WattTom Sheehan
1990-1991 – No local convention due to ANA convention in Seattle.
1992 to 1994 conventions held in Seattle, WA.
1992Tom SheehanT.O. McCann
1993T.O. McCannT.O. McCann
1994Ellis CoretsT.O. McCann
1995 to 2000 conventions held in Portland, OR.
1995John Patrick Young{Not awarded}
1996T.O. McCannT.O. McCann
1997{Not awarded}{Not awarded}
1998Robert K. MylesRobert K. Myles
1999Rob RetzJ. Eric Holcomb
2000Kenneth R. HillJ. Eric Holcomb
2001 to date conventions held in Tukwila, WA.
2001Kenneth R. HillJ. Eric Holcomb
2002Kenneth R. HillJ. Eric Holcomb
2003Kenneth R. HillSusan Billings
2004Steve CoxKenneth R. Hill
2005J. Eric HolcombJ. Eric Holcomb
2006Ellis CoretsEllis Corets
2007{Not awarded}{Not awarded}
2008Gerald R. WilliamsDel Cushing
2009Steve Cox{Not awarded}
2010Tom Sparks{Not awarded}
2011James ReindersKatie Reinders
2012James ReindersDan Vornbrock
2013Thomas A. Tullis{Not awarded}
2014Charmy HarkerCharmy Harker
2015Gawain O’ConnorDan Vornbrock
2016Thomas A. TullisAnthony Kalt
2017Thomas A. TullisTom Sparks
2018Thomas A. Tullis{Not awarded}
2019James ReindersGawain O’Connor
2020No convention
2021No spring convention / No competitive exhibits at fall show
2022Tony KaltTony Kalt
2024James Reinders{Not awarded}
Exhibit Award Winners, 1989 to date

Del Cushing Memorial (People’s Choice) Award (started in 2019):
2019 – James Reinders
2022 – Tony Kalt
2023 – Karl Kreis
2024 – To be announced


  • The Grand Award was renamed the Byron F. Johnson Jr. Memorial Award after Byron’s death.
    See Byron F. Johnson’s numismatic biography.
  • The C.E. “Hep” Heppner Award is given for the best exhibit of tokens, medals and decorations.
  • Beginning in 2019, the spring convention “People’s Choice” exhibit award has been added to this list of winners and is named the “Del Cushing Memorial Award.”
  • Awards for 2022 were decided at the fall coin show due to cancellation of exhibits at the spring convention.
  • Awards for 2023 were decided at the fall coin show due to having noncompetitive exhibits only at the spring convention. The winner requested to remain anonymous.