The Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association was founded in 1940 by the Seattle Coin Club (now the Seattle Numismatic Society) and the Oregon Numismatic Society. The PNNA has had an active history, including annual conventions in most years, and publication of The Nor’wester quarterly newsletter. The PNNA has also co-hosted ANA shows in the Pacific Northwest, in both Seattle and Portland.

Information from the memorabilia catalog:

No medals were issued for the first two PNNA conventions in Centralia in 1940 and 1941. There were no PNNA conventions in 1942-1945 due to World War II.

The PNNA issued its first medal at the third convention held in 1946 in Centralia, Washington. Many additional memorabilia items, such as medals and wooden nickels, and now elongated coins, came along over the years. Most of these items commemorate the annual conventions.

The 1946-1948 medals share a common reverse: a map of Washington and Oregon with the names of the two founding clubs.

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