Privacy Policy

PNNA Privacy and Data Usage Policy

Approved by PNNA Board, July 14, 2018. Minor revisions Oct. and Dec. 2023.

See the printable PDF version of this page.

Scope – To the extent allowed by law, any person, organization or business who does business with the PNNA in any manner (for example, by purchasing a membership or participating in a numismatic convention or seminar) agrees to the terms of this privacy and data usage policy.

Purpose – The PNNA may collect and use certain personal and business data (hereinafter known simply as “data”) for official purposes such as editing and mailing the quarterly newsletter, administering events such as conventions and seminars, processing scholarship/award applications, and promoting its events.

Data Security and Disclosure – All data collected by the PNNA will be saved by one or more officers of the PNNA, or by its authorized agents. Reasonable efforts will be made to secure the data, and it will not be disclosed outside the PNNA, nor used for any unintended or unauthorized purpose. Some limited exceptions apply, for example information submitted for publication. These exceptions are covered below.

Data Retention, Review and Removal – Data will normally be saved for three to five years, either from the time of submittal, or after your membership or business association with the PNNA ends. You have the right to request a copy of your data saved by the PNNA, and to request removal of this data from current PNNA records. Some data may remain in archival files, however this data will not be used or disclosed for other than historical or statistical purposes unless required by law or requested by the owner of the data.

Please note that data cannot be removed if you are still actively doing business with the PNNA, for example as a PNNA convention dealer. In such a circumstance, you would first need to cancel your business relationship with the PNNA, then request removal of your data.

To exercise any of your rights pursuant to applicable laws, including the rights to access, update and delete your personal data, please contact the PNNA,

Website – The PNNA does not currently use “cookies” or otherwise collect personal information when you visit the PNNA website (except that the WordPress portion of the website may use a simple non-personally identifiable cookie). The PNNA’s web hosting company may log data such as your IP address, your web browser, the page(s) you visit and the date/time of the visit. The PNNA will only use this information for statistical purposes. Depending on how you access the Internet, it’s possible that your browsing information could be saved by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and/or by your web browser.

The PNNA may also receive statistical information from Google or other search engines about search terms, pages accessed via search, etc. This data does not include personally identifiable information.

Information Submitted – If you choose to submit data/information to the PNNA in any form, for example email inquiries, articles for publication or advertising submissions, then that information becomes subject to the provisions of this privacy and data usage policy. For provisions specific to certain types of data, see the sections below.

Data for Publication – If you choose to submit information for publication (for example in the PNNA newsletter), including articles, advertising, photos taken with permission, etc., then this information becomes a part of the permanent record once published, and cannot ordinarily be removed. The information may also be submitted to qualified reviewers prior to publication. If you believe any of your information has been published improperly or in error, please notify the PNNA editor and officers as soon as possible.

Award and Scholarship Data – If you choose to apply for a PNNA award or scholarship (or otherwise are selected to receive such an award or scholarship), then the PNNA will retain this information for three to five years, and some information (such as the names and photos of award winners) may be published and become part of the permanent record. If you wish to remain anonymous, you must notify the PNNA at the time you apply for or receive an award. For some awards, for example scholarships to ANA Summer Seminar, the PNNA may require that you submit and publish a short article about your experiences. The PNNA will publish only your last initial rather than full last name on request.

This section also applies to collector exhibit applications, displays and awards.

Seminar Data – If you register for a PNNA seminar or similar event (including seminars co-hosted by the PNNA), your registration data will be used as required to administer the seminar or event, including the preparation of name badges, but will not be otherwise disclosed or published. You may receive an invitation to attend future seminars or events, within the data retention period.

Dealer Data – If you apply for bourse space at any official PNNA show or convention (including the fall convention in cooperation with the Willamette Coin Club), the PNNA will retain your data as specified above, but may also perform business reference or background checks as deemed necessary for the security and integrity of its conventions. All information derived from such checks will remain confidential. Basic information about PNNA dealers, such as business name and location, and name(s) of the primary individual(s) involved with the business, may be published and become part of the permanent record.

Convention Attendance Data – If you attend a PNNA show or convention, you will be requested to register for security reasons, and (optionally) to enter any prize drawings offered. The PNNA does not currently check IDs (except for dealers or to pick up prizes) but reserves the right to do so. Registration data is subject to the data provisions outlined above, and will only be used for official purposes, including to mail you any prize you win, and to mail you an advertising postcard or letter for future shows or conventions within the data retention period.

The PNNA may videotape persons entering its shows or conventions for security purposes. Video data will not be publicly disclosed or posted but may be shared with law enforcement in the event of an incident at the event. (Board-approved language, Oct. 2023. Also see the event pages on the website.)

Badging Data – PNNA or ANA-issued photo ID badges are required for PNNA dealers and are optional for PNNA life members. Badging data, including photos, are subject to the data provisions outlined above. Photos will not be used for other purposes without your permission.

Member Data – PNNA member data is confidential and will not be disclosed (see “Data Security and Disclosure”) unless it falls under a less restrictive category (for example, publication of your name if you write an article or win an award). Members have the option of using a business or other address to avoid disclosing their home address, and the provision of other contact information, such as phone or email, is optional. (However, email is required for memberships which do not include a paper newsletters subscription.) PNNA members are never required or requested to provide highly sensitive personal information such as bank account numbers. If you provide such information to PayPal or another service to make a payment (see “Financial Data”), it is not available to the PNNA.

The name, city and membership number of deceased members may be posted on the PNNA memorial page unless requested otherwise by the family, or at the time of membership application or renewal.

Board Member and Election Data – If you are a PNNA officer or board member, your photo and other basic information, such as name, city, and email contact, will be published, including on the PNNA officer webpage. If you wish to withhold any of your basic information, you must notify the PNNA in advance. If you accept a nomination to run for any PNNA officer or board position, your name and city will be published, along with any brief candidate statement you wish to submit.

If you submit a ballot in a PNNA election, either by paper or email attachment, the ballot will be separated (after verification that you are eligible to vote) and cannot thereafter be identified as to which member submitted the ballot, unless you choose to include your name on the ballot.

Donor Data – If you choose to donate to the PNNA, you may choose what information you want published, or may choose to remain anonymous. The PNNA may also limit the donor information that it publishes.

Financial Data – If you make a payment to the PNNA via PayPal or any other bank or financial service, the PNNA will retain a receipt of the transaction for three to five years, as may be required for bookkeeping, tax recordkeeping and other legitimate purposes. The data on the receipt will otherwise be treated the same as any other data collected and will not be disclosed. Your bank or financial service will also retain a record of the transaction as specified by its own policies. As noted above (“Member Data”), the PNNA does not receive your bank account, credit card or Social Security numbers, or any other sensitive personal financial information, when you make a PayPal payment.

If you pay by check, then your bank account number will be temporarily visible to the PNNA, however, the PNNA does not retain checks or check images longer than necessary for deposit and bookkeeping.