PNNA Memberships

PNNA color membership brochure image
PNNA color membership brochure

See the current PNNA membership color brochure (PDF file), as distributed at the Washington State Fair and elsewhere.

PNNA dues are a good bargain:

Online memberships only (no paper newsletter copies mailed): $5 for a Young Numismatist (up to age 21), $10 for an individual membership, $15 for a club or family membership. (All rates are annual.)

Regular memberships (paper newsletter copies mailed): $10 for a Young Numismatist (up to age 21), $15 for an individual membership, $15 for a club membership or $20 for a family membership. (All rates are annual.)

Individual life memberships are currently $200 regardless of how the newsletter is received.

Use the PNNA membership application (printable) or PNNA membership application (PayPal/credit) to join. The applications are good for new memberships and renewals.

The PNNA accepts PayPal online payments – use the convenient buttons on the PayPal membership application to pay online and set up an annual or 3-year subscription, or log onto PayPal, and send your payment to!

3-year dues options are available for individuals and families! See the info below or on the membership applications.

Here’s a quick summary of PNNA dues:

  • Please add $5.00 per year for paper newsletter copies (except club and life memberships).
  • Young Numismatist (up to age 21) — $5.00 for one year.
  • Individual — $10.00 for one year; $25.00 for 3 years.
  • Family — $15.00 for one year; $37.50 for 3 years.
  • Club — $15.00 for one year; may pay for up to 10 years at a time.
  • Life — $200 (individuals only).

Dues, along with the membership application, should be mailed to Eric Holcomb or Scott Loos at the address listed on the printable application linked above, or use PayPal. Thank you for supporting numismatics in the Pacific Northwest!

Why Should I Join the PNNA?

You should join the PNNA so that you can support the following programs —

The PNNA —

Maintains this website and publishes a quarterly newsletter (The Nor’wester) with news of numismatic events in the region, including a show/event calendar. (Your club’s show is listed free of charge if you send us the details.)

Hosts two annual conventions or coin shows (spring and fall). Currently both are in the Seattle area, however, the PNNA still cooperates with the Willamette Coin Club fall show in Portland, Oregon.

Sponsors a table promoting numismatics at the Washington State (Puyallup) Fair every fall — staffed 12 hours daily for all days that the Fair is open to the public. See the PNNA’s Fair page.

Provides two $1,000+ scholarships (one adult and one YN) to attend the ANA Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs. See the scholarship page for more information.

Sponsors ANA National Coin Week club awards.

Promotes competitive exhibiting at its own convention and at shows of member clubs, and provides $200 for the annual convention best-of-show exhibit winner to take the exhibit to the ANA convention in the same year.

Provides a monetary award for the person best promoting numismatics in the Pacific Northwest each year (the Bob Everett Memorial Award).

Can suggest speakers and/or programs for coin club meetings upon request.

Has been a sponsoring organization for ANA conventions and shows in the region (1990 in Seattle; 1998, 2004, 2009 and 2015 in Portland). See ANA Conventions and Shows in Portland, Oregon – 1998 to 2015.

Has distributed numismatic promotional materials to libraries and schools throughout the region.

Please see the membership brochure PNNA membership color brochure (PDF file)for more details including club benefits.

What else would you like the PNNA to do for you? Join, become a participant, and let us know!