Nor’wester Online

The Nor’wester online editions available

Editions of The Nor’wester from 1997 to 2023 (3rd Quarter) are available to view as PDF files.

In addition, in 2019 we received a collection of PNNA Newsletters (and PNNA Bulletins that occasionally accompanied the Newsletters) from 1969-1975 from Paul Berkman. This collection was scanned by James Reinders. Thanks to Paul and James!


  • Special Edition Codes: “C” – convention (spring or fall), “B” – Boeing Employees’ Coin Show, “F” – Fair, “S” – other.
  • PDF files before 2003 may have slightly different spacing and line breaks than the printed version.
  • Some PDF files do not contain supplemental materials such as collector exhibit applications. In recent years, these materials are usually online rather than published in the newsletter.
  • Some browsers may not display all PDF files correctly. If you experience this problem, try to download and save the file, then open in Acrobat Reader.
  • For best viewing of two-page spreads, use the “View > Page Display > Two Page View” option in Acrobat Reader.

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1969 to 1975 (incomplete scanned set)

1969 (13 pages) | 1970 (10 pages) | 1971 (3 pages) | 1972 (6 pages) | 1973 (20 pages) | 1974 (21 pages) | 1975 (8 pages)