Nor’wester Online

The Nor’wester online editions available

Editions of The Nor’wester from 1997 to 2024 (2nd Quarter) are available to view as PDF files.

In addition, in 2019 we received a collection of PNNA Newsletters (and PNNA Bulletins that occasionally accompanied the newsletters) from 1969-1975 from Paul Berkman. This collection was scanned by James Reinders. Thanks to Paul and James!

PDF files are stored separately from WordPress. To search for content in the PDF files including The Nor’wester, use the Google™ custom search page.


  • Special Edition Codes: “C” – convention (spring or fall), “B” – Boeing Employees’ Coin Show, “F” – Fair, “S” – other.
  • PDF files before 2003 may have slightly different spacing and line breaks than the printed version.
  • Some PDF files do not contain supplemental materials such as collector exhibit applications. In recent years, these materials are usually online rather than published in the newsletter.
  • Some browsers may not display all PDF files correctly. If you experience this problem, try to download and save the file, then open in Acrobat Reader.
  • For best viewing of two-page spreads, use the “View > Page Display > Two Page View” option in Acrobat Reader.

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1969 to 1975 (incomplete scanned set)

1969 (13 pages) | 1970 (10 pages) | 1971 (3 pages) | 1972 (6 pages) | 1973 (20 pages) | 1974 (21 pages) | 1975 (8 pages)