PNNA Board Meeting Information

PNNA board meetings are held on a regular basis. PNNA members are encouraged to submit specific proposals for educational activities or special events to the secretary at or before scheduled board meetings. Please see the PNNA Officers/Board Page for contact information. Also see the PNNA president’s message.

Annual PNNA Board Meetings

Next board meeting: April 13, 2024. Please contact the PNNA president or secretary for more information.

There is a PNNA board meeting at the annual Boeing Employees Coin Show in January in Kent, WA.

There is a PNNA board meeting at the annual spring PNNA Convention & Coin Show in Tukwila, WA, along with the annual general membership meeting. The scheduled times (on Saturday) are 8:00 AM—board and 6:00 PM—membership. Any changes will be published in the convention program and/or on the convention webpage.

There is usually a summer board meeting in between the spring and fall shows. Details will be announced by the PNNA president or secretary. In 2023, this meeting was conducted online.

From 2005 to 2019, there was also a PNNA board meeting at the annual PNNA-Willamette Coin Club Fall Convention & Coin Show in Portland, OR, after the bourse closed on Saturday. Beginning in 2021, this meeting is now held at the PNNA Fall Coin Show in Tukwila, after the bourse closes on Saturday.

Some 2020-2021 board meetings were held online or via conference call due to show cancellations. Some summer meetings may also be held online.

Previous Board Meeting Minutes

Previous year minutes are consolidated into a single PDF file for each year. Minutes were also published in The Nor’wester for many years, but that practice has been discontinued to make the printed newsletters more interesting to the public, and because almost all members now have Internet access. The consolidated minutes also include the annual membership meeting minutes.