How to submit material for publication

PNNA members and non-members alike are welcome to contribute numismatically-related material for possible use on this website and in the PNNA’s quarterly newsletter, The Nor’Wester. Please follow the following guidelines when you make your submission:

Send your text and graphics in electronic form (e-mail with attachments if required) to Eric Holcomb, PNNA editor and webmaster. All submissions will be reviewed for possible use on this website and in The Nor’wester (unless you request only one of those options). The material submitted may be subject to editing.

Do not attempt any special formatting of your text and pictures unless you are trying to create a special effect. Some types of formatting are not suitable for use on the web (or may require conversion to a PDF file), and some file formats may not be readable by the PNNA webmaster. If in doubt, send a small sample file first.

Preference will be given to material that is consistent with the PNNA’s mission of numismatic education. Advertising material, including offers to buy or sell for your personal collection, will not normally be accepted, except for paid advertising in The Nor’wester. Business card size display ads of a general nature (i.e., not listing a specific numismatic item or items) are available on the sponsors page for $10 annually to PNNA members.

By submitting material, you certify that you are the copyright owner of the material (including photos), or that the owner has given you permission to submit the material to the PNNA. You (or the owner) grant the PNNA an implicit limited-use non-exclusive non-commercial royalty-free license to publish the material for educational and informational purposes. You may revoke this license at any time after 30 days, however you must notify the webmaster in writing or by e-mail and allow up to 14 days for the material to be removed from the PNNA website. The copyright license with respect to material published in The Nor’wester (including web versions) cannot be revoked after the newsletter is printed. Violations of copyright law will be taken seriously by the PNNA. Please don’t do it!

Photos of recognizable persons may require a written and signed model release in addition to a copyright license.

Keep it as short as reasonably possible – space in The Nor’wester is very limited, and more people will read your story (and less editing will be required) if it’s short. As a suggestion, limit text to about two pages and pictures to no more than about 500 KB each. Please consult with the webmaster beforehand for longer submissions, or if you require photo editing services. Also consult with the webmaster if you are interested in digital photography services for items in your collection.

Contributors to The Nor’wester may be eligible for a PNNA literary award!

Thank You!