Conventions & Shows

This page is about the history of past PNNA conventions and coin shows. For current information, please see Events.

The PNNA has held an annual convention most years since its founding in 1940. Prior to 2001, the conventions were usually in a different city each year. Many conventions had souvenirs which are listed in the memorabilia catalog.

Conventions typically feature a variety of activities including meetings and educational programs, but always include a numismatic bourse, better known as a “coin show.” In recent years, the PNNA has added a fall coin show, sometimes in conjunction with the Willamette Coin Club in Portland, and sometimes referred to as a “Mini-Con.”

Beginning in 2001, the PNNA conventions and coin shows have all been held in either Tukwila, Washington, or Portland, Oregon. These events have been documented and reported as follows:

Past spring convention reports:
2001-2019 reports consolidated into a 40-page PDF file.
Past WCC/PNNA fall coin show reports:
2005-2019 reports consolidated into a 23-page PDF file.

Recent spring conventions:
2020-2021 spring convention cancelled.
2022-2023 see completed events page (or linked news pages).

Recent fall coin shows:
2020 fall coin shows cancelled.
2021-2023 see completed events page (or linked news pages).

ANA shows in Portland co-sponsored by the PNNA and/or the WCC:
ANA Conventions and Shows in Portland, Ore. – 1998 to 2015.

See Completed Exhibits for collector exhibit reports/photos.

See Awards for recipients of the various PNNA awards.