PNNA Numismatic Collector Exhibit Information

Completed Events
See photos of past winning exhibits.

Upcoming Events including annual PNNA spring & fall conventions
See this page first for basic information including a list of exhibit classes.

Past PNNA best of show exhibit award winners
Congratulations to all of our winners!

Numismatic Exhibiting Guide (“How to Exhibit”)
by ANA Chief Judge Joseph E. Boling

PNNA Detailed Rules for Exhibiting and Judging

Note – New Exhibit Classes! – Please see “New Exhibit Classes Proposal” for details.
The new classes were approved at the Jan. 19, 2019 PNNA board meeting.
PNNA Exhibit Application (Tukwila spring or fall show – fill and save PDF form)
PNNA Exhibit Application (2019 Portland fall show – fill and save PDF form; 2021 fall shows are different)
Note: Some browsers may not allow filling and saving PDF forms. If necessary, save blank form as a separate file and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Also be sure to save the file after you fill it in, whether online (browser) or offline (Reader).

BECC Exhibit Application (January Kent show) – a good warm-up for the PNNA

PNNA Exhibit Rating Sheet | Rating Sheet for Tukwila convention

Collector Exhibit Seminar (Sept. 2014 by Eric Holcomb)
Note: Intended for use in combination with ANA rules/application on ANA National Money Show website.

Collector Exhibit Seminar (Jan. 2019 revised and expanded by James Reinders)
Note: This is 7MB low-res version. Please inquire if you would like the 70MB high-res file.

An Encouragement to Exhibit

The PNNA Board of Directors has done several things to encourage people to exhibit.

  • Note exhibits at the 2021 fall Tukwila show will be noncompetitive only.
  • As of 2019, new exhibit classes allow you to choose the traditional approach by type of material, or the newer approach by theme or topic.
  • A monetary award of $200 is given to the Best of Show winner to offset expenses to take the exhibit and enter it in ANA competition. Beginning in 2019, this award will also be available to the fall Best of Show winner.
  • Exhibit rules were revised to be more in line with ANA rules to make the transition from regional to national exhibiting easier.
  • Since 2001, awards contain an actual coin or token to make them worth something – not just another plaque.
  • New display cases were purchased to standardize exhibit sizes and make them more attractive.
  • Exhibits have been taken out of the back of the bourse area and put closer to the entrance so the public will take notice of the displays. (They are now in a separate room just across from the entrance, at the annual PNNA spring convention in Tukwila, WA.)
  • What more can PNNA do to encourage exhibiting? If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let us know. (Please send comments to info@pnna.org or eric@holcomb.com.)