The PNNA memorial page honors PNNA members or other prominent Pacific Northwest numismatists who have passed away. If we missed anyone who should have been included, please contact

See the PNNA memorial page as a PDF file with additional information about some of the deceased. (Last updated December 2023.)

James Hanna of Gresham, Oregon, PNNA life member 540, passed away in 2022.

Ron Patton of Edgewood, Washington, PNNA member 1375, passed away in January 2022.

Louis Weissman of Bellevue, Washington, PNNA member 614, passed away in April 2021.

William (Bill) McKivor of Seattle, Washington, PNNA member 739, passed away in March 2021.

Christopher Check of Burien, Washington, PNNA member 1368, passed away in September 2020.

Norm Mikat of Lakewood, Washington, former PNNA member 986 and contributor to
the PNNA memorabilia catalog, passed away on May 12, 2020.

Del Cushing of Seattle, Washington, PNNA HLM 21, passed away in September 2018. See the president’s message in the 4th Q 2018 edition of The Nor’wester, and also see the PNNA memorabilia catalog.

Frank Trask of Sisters, Oregon, PNNA member 1351, passed away in May 2018.

Bill Henderson of Lakewood, Washington, PNNA LM 126, passed away in March 2018.

Hank Krum of The Dalles, Oregon, PNNA member 539, passed away in January 2018.

Dale Crawford of Eugene, Oregon, PNNA HLM 12, passed away in July 2017.

Marvin A. Smith of Spokane, Washington, PNNA LM 235, passed away in the fall of 2016.

William Rapanotti, Jr. of Kingston, Washington, PNNA LM 1224, passed away in Dec. 2015.

Tom Cederlind of Portland, Oregon, PNNA member 751, passed away on December 16, 2015.

David Ownbey of Tigard, Oregon, PNNA member 775, passed away on September 1, 2015.

Wayne Rattray of Longview, Washington, PNNA member 140, passed away in December 2014.

Larry Rowe of Vancouver, Washington, PNNA honorary life member HLM 22 and past Seattle and Portland ANA convention general chairman, passed away October 3, 2014.

Gene L. Henry of Issaquah, Washington, longtime Seattle coin dealer and PNNA member 161, passed away September 23, 2014. See Coin World obituary.

Alfred “Al” Schy of Seattle, Washington, PNNA member 221, passed away September 7, 2014.

Rawlin “Mac” McInelly of Spanaway, Washington, PNNA LM 1288, passed away September 5, 2014. See obituary.

Theodore O. Ted McCann of Everett, Washington, PNNA member 373, passed away July 1, 2014. See obituary in 4th Q 2014 edition of The Nor’wester.

Richard Doty of Virginia, PNNA LM 1009, passed away June 2, 2013.

Tom Harris of Port Townsend, Washington, PNNA HLM 18, passed away January 7, 2012.

Gregory Paul Franck-Weiby (1950-2011) of Silverton, Oregon passed away November 11, 2011. Greg was well-known as a numismatist, artist and peace activist, and he designed PNNA convention “tokens” for many years. (See the PNNA memorabilia catalog.)

Irving Joseph Weber Jr. (1928-2011) of Lacey, Washington passed away October 30, 2011. A former Navy captain, he later became a coin dealer and was PNNA member 907.

George Booth, PNNA member and coin dealer, passed away in October 2011.

Mike O’Hara, PNNA member and coin dealer, passed away in July 2011.

Ed Leitner, PNNA member and coin dealer, passed away on April 28, 2011.

Jim Mabry, longtime Willamette Coin Club member, passed away on Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011.

Michael Pepka, PNNA member 949 and longtime active member of the Boeing Employees Coin Club (BECC), passed away October 8, 2010.

Al Westerhof, PNNA member 910, passed away July 9, 2010. Al’s wife, Elanor, also passed away on September 1, 2010.

Jack A. Meeker, PNNA member 867, passed away July 3, 2009. Jack was also a BECC member.

Al Nystrom, PNNA HLM 16, passed away April 30, 2009.

Don Farnam, PNNA HLM and husband of Marge Farnam, passed away September 21, 2007.

George Wehrman, PNNA member 931, passed away July 25, 2007.

Dave Whitcher, PNNA member 971, passed away April 14, 2007.

Marge Farnam, PNNA HLM 14, passed away April 8, 2006.

Mary Cushing, PNNA member 402, passed away December 14, 2005.

Jim Payne, PNNA LM 259 and longtime Boeing Employees Coin Club member, passed away September 22, 2005.

Mary Fray, PNNA charter member 25 and longtime Seattle Numismatic Society member, passed away August 20, 2004.

Ray Mah, PNNA member 384, passed away July 31, 2004.

Rob Retz, PNNA member 776 and longtime Willamette Coin Club member, passed away May 17, 2004.

Freda Peterson, PNNA HLM, passed away January 23, 2003.

John J. Haugh, former PNNA member 764, passed away April 1, 2002.

Jerry Hoffman, former PNNA member 33, passed away March 19, 2000.

Lewis Erlewine, University Coin Club member, passed away February 2000.

Tom McNeelan, former PNNA member and owner of Renton Coin Shop, passed away January 2000.

George West, former PNNA member 400, passed away in December 1999.

Juanita McKeown, PNNA HLM 15, passed away Nov 28, 1999.

John “Pat” Young, PNNA HLM 24, passed away October 3, 1999.

Irene M. Alexander, PNNA HLM 11, passed away June 24, 1999.

Bob Everett passed away in August of 1997. See the Bob Everett Memorial Award.

Nina Nystrom, after whom the Nina Nystrom Memorial Goodwill Ambassador Award is named, passed away around 1997, when the award was renamed.

Byron F. Johnson, Jr. passed away in June 1988. See the Byron F. Johnson Jr. Memorial Award (for Best of Show collector exhibit).