Past PNNA Exhibit Reports

All PNNA collector exhibit reports from 2001 to date, previously on the legacy PNNA website, have been consolidated into the following PDF files:

Although the PDF files do not include the ability to see enlarged versions of the exhibit case images, these images are available, at the highest resolution, in a separate folder. The link to this folder is Opening this folder in a browser will display a list of the images, each one with its own link, so you can view them and then download if desired. Filenames contain the year and exhibit number, for example, “Exh_2019_1a.JPG,” where “1” is the exhibit number and “a” is the first case of that exhibit. For years prior to 2008, the format may vary, with the exhibitor’s last name or exhibit subject replacing the exhibit number.

The documents listed below use an 8.5×11 PDF file page size and are best viewed on a large screen. The PNNA’s PDF files are stored separately from WordPress. To search for content in these PDF files, use the Google™ custom search page.

PNNA Spring Convention Collector Exhibits, 2001-2009
This document also includes limited reports on ANA convention exhibits by PNNA members, from 2003 to 2006.

PNNA Spring Convention Collector Exhibits, 2010-2019

PNNA/WCC Fall Coin Show Collector Exhibits, 2010-2019

PNNA Collector Exhibits, 2020s (includes spring and fall shows)

This is currently a webpage rather than a PDF document.
List of exhibit award winners (at the annual PNNA spring convention), 1960 to date. (These are the main awards, not the class awards.)