This is a summary of the main PNNA webpages with links to other numismatic sites, and the standards for accepting links. The PNNA always retains the discretion to accept/reject links.

PNNA member (mostly dealer) email & website links
Many of these dealers also have a booth at the annual PNNA conventions. A complete dealer list is published separately for each convention (but does not include links).
Standards: Must be a PNNA member in good standing.

PNNA sponsors (business cards of sponsor dealers/businesses)
Standards: PNNA membership and payment of annual fee required, along with a suitable business card image.

Important note: The two link pages listed above can serve as a numismatic dealer directory for PNNA member dealers. If you would like to find a dealer, you may also wish to consult the ANA national dealer directory or other sources, such as numismatic publications.

Local Coin Clubs
Standards: Must be a recognized Pacific Northwest numismatic club or organization, open to the public.

Other numismatic websites (not a dealer directory)
These sites are organized by category, including hobby organizations, museums, mints, grading services & publications.
Standards: Must be a complete website (not just an article) of significant educational, reference or utility value, and cannot be primarily commercial except in designated categories such as coin supply companies, grading services, mints and hobby publications. Coin dealers should become PNNA members and request a listing on the member page.

Reference Section
The PNNA reference section is a collection of useful numismatic information written by various PNNA members, as well as links to a few outside sources of information including the ANA.
Standards: Articles should be of significant educational value, with preference given to material already published by PNNA members. Promotion of commercial sites is not allowed.

Ancient Coins / PAN Page
This is an informal homepage for the Pacific Ancient Numismatists (PAN) and contains links to various ancient coin sites.
Standards: Sites should be major organizations or dealers specializing in ancient coins and should have educational or reference value (not just items for sale).

Tokens & Medals Page
Includes resources, articles and organizations pertaining to tokens, medals and exonumia.
Standards: Must be of significant educational, reference or utility value, and cannot be primarily commercial.

Find a link that no longer works, or one you would like to add? Please email Numismatic dealer links, or links intended to promote a commercial site, cannot normally be accepted unless the dealer is a PNNA member, and the link is for the PNNA member links page. An annual fee is required for sponsor business card listings.